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Charter Jet Airlines International proudly raises the bar and exceeds the standard for luxury and corporate private jet for rent. We pride ourselves on offering a professional and personalised service on private jet charter.

We can improve the trip with custom catering and branding of the aircraft. You and your group will also have access to many of the private terminals around the globe.

Our Private Plane Charter Is a World-class Choice! Get in touch with us to know more about private jet rental cost.

Private Jet Flights

Small Prop

Small prop charter airplanes are single engine propellor driven. They are the most economical choice for private jet for rent for short to mid-range flight trips, commonly flying up to 1,500 miles. Small prop aircraft operates in and out of regional airports with short runways. The single engine prop is capable of flying nonstop for up to 3 hours. Seating configuration is between 2 to 6 passengers.


Turbo Prop

Turboprop plane is a type of aircraft that has a turbine engine which drives an aircraft propeller. As advantages, it’s performing well at slow speeds required for takeoff and landing, it uses short airfield runways, and has seating configuration up to 9 passengers. Modern turboprop plane operates at nearly the same speed as very light jet and it has higher efficiency for full burning, two-thirds of the fuel per passenger.


Private Jet Flights
Private Jet Flights

Very Light Jet

A very light jet, entry-level jet or personal jet for rent, also known as a microjet. Is categorized as a small business jet. This type of jet has a seating arrangements for up to 6 passengers. The very light jet aircraft has low efficient hourly rate Vs light jets, and aircraft ability to take off and land at airports with a short runway with at least 2,621ft to land. It has a maximum cruise of 430 mph. The very light jet popularity is known as the last minute short weekend travel gateway. Here are some of the popular very light jet that are favorable by the travelers: Phenom 100, Ha-420 HondaJet, Citation Mustang, Eclipse 500 jets.


Light Jet

The light jet aircraft is the most commonly used for charter services. The light jet has a range of 2,789 miles at top speed of 543 mph and seating configuration is up to 7-8 passengers. The Bombardier Learjet 35, Cessna Citation Bravo, Hawker-Beechjet 400, Learjet 31 and Cessna Citation cj2 are the few of the industry leaders in the light jet charter services. Rent Private Jets and fly with style!


Private Jet Flights
Private Jet Flights

Medium Jet

The midsize business jet provides a wider and bigger cabin space compared with the light jet aircraft. Midsize jets are designed to transport small groups of passengers for business or leisure on domestic and short international flights. They offer more comfort with larger captain seats, luggage capacity, and more headroom. The midsize aircraft is the ideal choice for passengers seeking longer-range and luxurious travel. Midsize jets extended range up to 2,217 miles at top speed of 478 mph and seat configuration is 7-8 seats.


Super Mid Jet

Super Midsize Jets has a large cabin space and is high-performing. It has the same range as midsize jets. The super mid size aircraft have full-size galleys and lavatories and offer great size luggage compartment configuration up to 10 comfortable captain seats. Some of the commonly used for charter are Challenger 300, Gulfstream G200, Cessna Citation Sovereign and Citation X. Private Jet rentals has never been cooler!


Private Jet Flights
Private Jet Flights

Heavy Jet

The large jets also known as heavy jet, transforms into comfortable sleeping accommodations. It is the ULTIMATE VIP experience. If you’re boarding a heavy jet, you’ll get to enjoy cocktails and gourmet dining options. The heavy jet is capable of carrying up to 19 passengers and can fly non stop up to 7,900 miles. Some of the known heavy jets are Gulfstream IV-SP/400/450, Embraer Legacy, Global Express, and Bombardier Challenger 604.


Long Range

Flying in style and with technology combined. The long range private jet rental aircraft, extending the reach leading the class. It has an exceptional range, offering the ultimate luxurious air traveling. Wide seats and generous aisle spaces are included. Book a Charter Private Jet today!


Private Jet Flights Heavy Plane
Airliner Private Jet Flights

VIP Airliners

The Boeing Business Jet “BBJ” brings the best of commercial aviation into the realm of private flight charter. It offers passengers a wide range of large aircraft VIP style that can be uniquely customized for large group private jet charter, on business or governmental sectors.


Regional Airliner

A regional airliner is a small airliner that is designed to carry up to 100 passengers on short flights. The regional airliner is often the most economical private flight charter to hire. It has a range of up to 2,300 miles and it does not fly international flights.


Private Jet Flights
Helicopter charter services


Helicopters can be rented for many needs. They can be chartered as air ambulances to carry patients. Helicopter charter flights are ideally suited to stretch out crowded and hard to reach places like hotel rooftop, as they can land in small spaces. Chartered helicopter rides can be an extremely useful tool for many businesses.


Large Airliner

Large airliners can be hired for private chartered use. It is used for transporting large numbers of passengers. The large airliner commercial class is perfect to carry Sports teams, Musical ensemble, Weddings, Trade shows, and corporate events employees. Capable of carrying 100 to 400 passengers per aircraft, choosing our best private group charter is the way to go.


Private Jet Flights large group travel
Private Small Jet


Private Small Flight Jet


Private Small Plane Rental


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Private Small Plane Rental

BOEING 767-200

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Private Small Jet Rentals

BOEING 767-300F

Private Jet FAQs

What is a private plane charter?

A private plane charter is a plane that is generally on-demand and customized to your specific travel needs. it can be scheduled to take off in short notice.

What is the cheapest Charter Private Jet?

The cheapest charter private jet is $1.7 to $2.0 million.
it is much cheaper to rent private jets.

What kind of food while I have on private jet rentals?

We have a number of suitable catering options depending on the aircraft. For most, we offer a VIP catering onboard available at any time of day. But for small cabin aircraft, this is usually arranged as a buffet style. Other amenities include a fully licensed bar for all flights. If your a private jet rentals has a large cabin, food can be prepared on board and meals are usually served hot. We also accommodate special catering requests.

Can I take my pet when Rent Private Jets?

Yes, you can definitely take your pet with when you rent private jet. All you have to do is send us a message and an expert of Charter Jet Airlines representative will provide you more info on the requirements when traveling with your family pets via private plane charter.

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