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As a leading private jet charter company with decades of experience in the industry, we offer private, business, and medical charter services at competitive prices. Thousands of passengers have trusted us over the years to get them where they needed to be and to get them there comfortably and safely.


Here at Charter Jet Airlines, we pride ourselves for our fast response times and our ability to assist you even with short notice times. In general, we prepare for a flight in as little as two to three hours.


We have access to over 5,000 airports which consists mainly of major airports. More than that, we can also fly you to rural or regional airports should you need to and if it’s closer to your destination.


Here at Charter Jet Airlines, we pride ourselves for our reasonable rates coupled with high-quality service. Since every flight is customized according to your requirements, we recommend that you contact us for an accurate quote.

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Yes, all of our aircraft are equipped with clean and elegant bathrooms for your ultimate in-flight comfort. In fact, if you choose either our mid-size or large cabin aircraft, you’ll be able to use a fully enclosed bathroom.


If this page wasn’t able to answer all your questions, feel free to contact us to get it answered. Our customer service is available and ready to help you 24/7. Whether you want to ask about our available aircraft charter or other flight questions, we’re always here to assist you!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Types Of Aircraft Have Bathrooms?

Most of our bigger aircraft are equipped with private lavatories such as the midsize, super-midsize, and heavy jets. Smaller jets smaller such as the light jet, super light jet, turboprop, single engine, and helicopter aren’t equipped with a bathroom.

How Much Are Your Fees?

Charter Jet Airlines is proud of its reasonable fees. We can guarantee that we only provide you the best quotes on the web and with no membership fees. Booking with us also requires no contract fees which means you get competitive flight prices no matter where your destination is.

What Airports Can I Fly To?

We have access to any airport in major countries and continents all over the world such as USA, Canada, Europe, Caribbean, Mexico, and South America, to name just a few. If there’s any specific airport you want to fly to or fly from, feel free to contact us to inquire about it!

How Far In Advance Do I Need To Book?

Booking a flight with us is available 24/7 and on-demand. In fact, you can book your flight with us as late as two hours before a flight’s scheduled departure. However, this will still depend on the aircraft availability so we recommend booking in advance so you’ll get the best prices and have more flexible options.

Can I Book A Single Jet Seat On A Private Aircraft?

Yes, you can through Charter Jet Airlines’ shared flight options. This means that you can book an individual single seat with no need to hire the whole private jet. All our direct air carriers are government-licensed and have full operational control of their charter flights at all times. This is in line with the US DOT Part 295 mandate.

What Charter Jet Airlines does is act as an authorized agent of Memberjets in offering shared charter flights under the US DOT Part 380 rule. To view our single jet seat booking ​click here.

What happens when I get to the airport?

If you’re flying from a larger airport, most often than not, you’ll have access to a separate private jet terminal or what is commonly called as FBO (Fixed Based Operators) where you can lounge in while waiting for departure. This is typically where private jet passengers check in before their scheduled flight. The standard for the majority of airports also allows private jet passengers to go through security and directly to their aircraft which is no doubt a great convenience for flying privately.

How Long Do I Need To Check In Before My Flight?

We recommend that you arrive at the airport at least 15 to 20 minutes before the scheduled departure time. ​But for international flights, make sure you arrive at least 30 minutes early. Most often than not, you can drive straight to the aircraft and board directly.

Do I Still Need To Show My Passport When Traveling By Private Jet Charter?

This will depend on your flight destination as well as your nationality. Some countries don’t require passports if you’re traveling by private jet. However, we always recommend that you travel with a passport even if it’s a domestic flight just to make sure it’s with you in case it needs to be presented.

How Do I Know My Aircraft Is Safe To Fly?

You know your aircraft is safe when you fly with because it’s our top priority. We only work with operators who are any of the following:

  • IS-BAO Registered
  • ARGUS Platinum Rated
  • Wyvern Approved

We also make sure to only work with operators who employ a Safety Management System (SMS) as well as an extensive Emergency Response Plan (ERP) for your optimum flight safety.

What Type Of Aircraft Do I Need For My Trip?

The type of aircraft you’ll need will depend on a number of factors such as how long the flight is, passenger count, destination region, and your budget. If you want a more exact estimate, just contact Charter Jet Airlines and one of our representatives can help you determine to make the best choice.

How Many Pilots Will There Be On My Flight?

Charter Jet Airlines make sure that there are always two pilots manning every flight. This is in line with the legal requirement for most types of aircraft. But there are also cases when only one pilot is required such as in daylight helicopter flights.

Can I Take My Pet With Me On The Plane?

Yes, you can definitely take your pet with you on a private charter. All you have to do is send us a message and an expert Charter Jet Airlines representative will provide you more info on the requirements when traveling with your family pets via private jet.

What Happens If I Want To Change The Time Of My Departure?

One of the foremost benefits of flying via private charter is its flexible terms. Changing your departure time isn’t an issue as long as you give enough advance notice so the new schedule can be arranged with Air Traffic Control. This ensures that there’s an available airport slot allotted to match your schedule.

Can I Add A Last-Minute Passenger Onto My Flight?

Adding an extra passenger to your flight is typically easy when flying via private charter even if it’s done behind time. But to prevent any delays and confirm availability, make sure to check with us first. This is especially required if your destination requires pre-clearance of passengers. Another reason is that shorter runways typically enforce a limit on the number of passengers since factors like aircraft landing and take off weight have to be considered.

What Kind Of Food Or Catering Will I Have On Board?

We have a number of suitable catering options depending on the aircraft. For most, we offer a ​VIP catering onboard available at any time of day. But for small cabin aircraft, this is usually arranged as buffet style. Other amenities include a fully licensed bar for all flights. If your aircraft has a large cabin, food can be prepared onboard and meals are usually served hot. We also accommodate special catering requests.

Can I Choose To Travel In A New Aircraft?

Yes, you can do so easily by filtering your aircraft options by its year of manufacturing date. This is a common request that we made sure to incorporate in our flight selection options for your ultimate convenience.

How Long Will It Take To Get A Quote For My Flight Request?

You can expect to get a quote from us within minutes of submitting your details. But if your request is for a larger aircraft or for a global regional destination, the response time could be longer.

Can I See Pictures Of My Private Jet?

All the quotes we provide comes with actual aircraft images. We’re also currently building a library of 360-degree virtual panorama images of all of our registered aircraft to provide our passengers with the best flight selection experience.

Can I Also Book Helicopters With Charter Jet Airlines?

Yes, you can do so with our extensive network of helicopters. If you’re landing on an outside airport, the landowner’s permission might be required. Just contact a Charter Jet Airlines representative so you can discuss in more detail our helicopter charter requirements and is arranged as an offline service only.

How Many Luggage Can I Take On My Private Jet?

This will depend on the size of the aircraft as well as how many passengers are onboard. If you’re flying a small jet, the normal baggage limit is one per passenger seat on top of the cabin luggage allotment. Larger jets like the Gulfstream has a large baggage space so it can fit up to 20 large suitcases. As long as an advance arrangement is made, we can also accommodate special or odd sized cargos for you.

What Types Of Aircraft Have Bathrooms?

Most of our bigger aircraft are equipped with private lavatories such as the midsize, super-midsize, and heavy jets. Smaller jets smaller such as the light jet, super light jet, turboprop, single engine, and helicopter aren’t equipped with a bathroom.

How Many Available Operators Can Send Me A Quote For My Flight Request?

Charter Jet Airlines currently has a partnership with over 4,000 aircraft operators all over the world with available access to a total of 15,000 combined aircraft. The number of quotes you get will differ depending on the destination as well as the type of aircraft in your request. Charter Jet airlines will filter the best quotes for you by presenting you the best price with the newest aircraft.

Do I Still Have To Go Through Customs/Immigration When Traveling Via Private Jet Charter?

Private jet flights are required to comply with customs and immigration procedures as well. Any checks necessary can be completed prior to your flight. In larger airports, private jet terminals will have their own dedicated customs and immigration officials to accommodate you. While in smaller airports, it’s pretty uncommon to see customs and immigration officers although they will be made aware of your flight and can make special visits to the airport as they see fit.

I’ve Missed My Scheduled Airline Flight. How Quickly Can I Get A Private Jet?

The great thing about flying via private jet is that it can be arranged quite quickly. But depending on where the next available aircraft is located, your flight request can be arranged as fast as 30 minutes. To submit one, send your flight request details to us and we’ll send it to our list of so they can give you an immediate quote.

I Had A Surgery And Need To Fly Back Home On A Stretcher, Can I Still Fly Via Private Charter?

Yes, you certainly can. Here at Charter Jet Airlines, our mission is to ensure your comfort and flight safety to the best of our abilities. All you have to do is contact us so we can provide ​the necessary assistance to accommodate you. We can also assist passengers in cases of medical emergencies, air charter evacuations as well as urgent “go now” flights.

What Is A One-Way Flight/Empty Leg Flight? How Can I Benefit From It?

A one-way flight is when an aircraft’s returning flight is empty and there are no passengers onboard. For cases such as these, reservations are often sold at a heavily discounted rate. Here at Charter Jet Airlines, we update our empty legs section by the minute. Please click ​here to review all our current available empty leg flights.

Do You Offer Travel Protection Insurance?

Yes, we offer travel protection insurance for trip cancellation as well as health and accident coverage. This is a wise move if you want to be cautious and be able to cover any possible illness or injury, weather-related cancellations, and interruptions. For flight protection insurance plans We have partnered with InsureMyTrip, because they are the best option to compare plans and find the right coverage for you. Click the link to review your trip cancellation options ​​

Will My Flight Have A Flight Attendant Onboard?

This will largely depend on the operator and the size of your aircraft. Flight attendants aren’t usually present in smaller aircraft but they’re often available on larger jets at no added cost.

Who Operates The Aircraft?

​Charters Jet Airlines serves as the agent who makes your reservation and is not the owners of the aircraft. All the flights that we arrange are operated by FAR Part 135/121 air carriers or its foreign equivalent.

How Many Seats Do Your Planes Have?

The number of seats of the plane you’ll be boarding will depend on the type of aircraft. Our operators offer different kinds and sizes of aircraft. Below is the capacity of each, arranged from smallest to biggest:

  • Very light jet – Seats 4
  • Turboprop – Seats 5 to 9
  • Light jet – Seats 6 to 8
  • Midsize jet – Seats about 8 passengers
  • Super-midsize jet – Seat 8 to 9
  • Heavy jet – Seats 10 to 16
  • Airliner – Seats over 30+ passengers

Do I Have To Go Through Security?

No, you don’t have to. Flying a corporate jet in the U.S. means that you don’t have to go through TSA security. You can get out of your car and board the plane directly. But to ensure compliance with the federal law, every passenger is checked if they are on the TSA no-fly list.

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