Evacuation Flights

Evacuation Flights

Evacuation Flights

In times of political unrest or natural disasters, the best choice is often to charter a private flight. Our air charter services provide you with a fast and safe option to leave a place that’s in chaos.

For such cases, you need an experienced provider to help you and those in need which we can competently provide you.

We’re specialists when it comes to quick response so you can count on us whenever and wherever to assist you for your evacuation flight needs.

Experienced in Emergency Evacuation Flights

Charter Jet Airlines ensures a safe and smooth flight evacuation with round-the-clock support. We pride ourselves for being able to respond quickly to any emergency situation all across the globe.

Whether your booked flight requires critical planning or is beyond the usual working hours, our global coverage helps aid providers to respond to any disaster or crisis in different parts of the world.

Evacuation Flights

How We Can Help You

There are a number of ways Charter Jet Airlines can help you. Here are just some of the things we can extend to you once you book an evacuation flight with us:

  • Flight evacuations in regional airports. In case of disasters, it’s often the main international airports that get shut down first. We can schedule flights in smaller regional airports to help perform timely flight evacuations for you.
  • We can provide you with more options. By using a private jet charter, you’ll have access to more airports than commercial airlines do. And as previously mentioned, we can help you take advantage of smaller regional airports.
  • Reduced cost. Let us fly you to the nearest safe country at a fraction of a cost of flying with other private charter companies.

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