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We provide quick and safe travel for those in need. If you or a loved one require extra care while flying, air charter services are ideal for you. We have a wide array of aircraft suitable for different types of medical situations.

From jets to helicopters—we’re more than capable when it comes to transporting sick or injured people.

What is a private ambulance?

A private ambulance via air is a method of medical evacuation in which a patient who is too ill to travel by ground is transported to another location, usually a hospital. An air ambulance is specially equipped for patients that need urgent medical assistance while being transported.

To date, it’s the best way to transport some who’s in need of immediate medical care if you want a safe and fast option that commercial flight can’t match.

Are ambulances free in the USA?

Air ambulances are not free in the USA but here at Charter Jet Airlines, we can guarantee fair prices that won’t break the bank.

International Air Ambulance

We provide international air ambulance services either through helicopters, private jets, and other aircraft options to get your patient the help and treatment they need whether it’s to transfer from one hospital to the next or to any other location required.

Air Ambulance UK

Charter Jet Airlines has a global network that accommodates air ambulance services not just internationally but also in the UK. We can provide you with access to a wide selection of accredited operators who are qualified to provide medical transport in the UK and elsewhere in the world.

Medical Air Ambulance on Private Air Charter

Air Ambulance Cost From USA

Air ambulance cost from the USA depends on a number of factors such as aircraft type, flight distance, treatment required, and the location of the medical crew and aircraft from the closest airport, to name just a few.

If you want a more definite cost, contact us now and our expert flight representatives will advise you with your best option. Click below to book an air ambulance with us!

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