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Group Charter Flights

We are specialists when it comes to group charter flights. Our crew is highly experienced in ensuring that your group—whether large or small—can have a smooth, safe flight.

Government Flights

We have a high standard of security and confidentiality which makes Charter Jet Airlines an amazing choice for different kinds of government travel.

Whether you need a private jet charter or a helicopter for hire, we can fly you to numerous destinations even at a short notice.

Private Jet Flights
Private Jet charter

Sports Team Travel

Amp up your team’s competitive advantage by having us at your beck and call should you need to fly anywhere in the world.

We know the importance of each game to every team so we make sure that all details of the flights are taken care of so you can focus on what you do best!

Air Ambulance

We provide quick and safe travel for those in need. If you or a loved one require extra care while flying, air charter services are ideal for you. We have a wide array of aircraft suitable for different types of medical situations.

From jets to helicopters—we’re more than capable when it comes to transporting sick or injured people.

Private Ambulance Helicpoter
Empty Leg Flights

Empty Leg Flights

Find an empty leg for your next trip and save more when you hire a private jet. This means you can get savings of more than 70% off the original price.

This is pretty hard to find but we have a solution that can provide you routes on current empty flights. This means more savings for you all around!

Cargo Air Freight

Let us handle your shipments and you can rest assured that it will arrive safely to its destination.

Whether you want to make sure that your business remains well-stocked or to ensure orders are fulfilled for your customers, we’re ready to give you the best possible freight option!

Cargo Airlines
Private Helicopter Chater Tour

Helicopter Charter Tour

Get the ultimate traveling experience with a helicopter charter tour. If you want something flexible and want to fly directly to a specific location, this service is perfect for you.

Fly with us and get to tour different places in comfort and style!

Evacuation Flights

In times of political unrest or natural disasters, the best choice is often to charter a private flight. Our air charter services provide you with a fast and safe option to leave a place that’s in chaos.

For such cases, you need an experienced provider to help you and those in need which we can competently provide you.

Evacuation Flights
Business Corporate Flights

Business/Corporate Flights

Charter Jet Airlines’ can help your company’s team or executives get anywhere around the globe.

We offer different private flight options such as helicopters, private jets, and helicopters. Our comprehensive and versatile charter travel options can suit whatever purpose you require.

Flying with Pets

Flights are often traumatic experiences for pets and by flying private charter, they can travel more comfortably since you’re together in the cabin.

They’re not left in the hold where it’s hot and cramped. This way, you get to provide them your soothing presence and you’re assured of their safety!

Flying with Pets