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Hire a private jet to USA with a company that knows how to ensure your safety and comfort. Going to another country can be a much more efficient and convenient experience especially when you hire a private jet charter. Make the most of your time with Charter Jet Airlines and you’ll never go wrong!

What is the price of a private jet in the USA?

The base price of a private jet in the USA is about $4.5 million. Luckily for you, you don’t have to shell out such amount in order to enjoy the perks of flying in a private jet. In fact, you’ll get the same benefits at only a fraction of a cost if you were to buy one. Here are just some of the advantages when you fly via private charter:

  • Easy retrieval of luggage after flight
  • Efficient traveling time even for far destinations
  • Choose the type of aircraft you want to charter
  • Pick the airport where you’ll be picked up in

No Need to Search for a Private Jet for Sale in the USA

Charter Jet Airlines is one of the major private jet charters in the USA and has serviced thousands of travelers over the years who are going or leaving the country. This means that we have access to both large and small aircraft operators in the country so you can pick the best flight option for your needs.

You can choose from helicopters to executive jets, and more. More than that, you can also pick your desired destination anywhere in the world. Whatever your traveling purpose is, we have a number of aircraft and amenities to make your next flight your best yet.

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Choose Charter Jet Airlines and experience a smooth and easy booking process for your next trip. We have 24/7 customer service support on standby so we can help you arrange everything for your upcoming trip.

Once you’re finished booking, you’ll get all the details for your flight so you won’t get to miss anything on the day of your trip!

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