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Cargo Air Freight

Let us handle your shipments and you can rest assured that it will arrive safely to its destination. Whether you want to make sure that your business remains well-stocked or to ensure orders are fulfilled for your customers, we’re ready to give you the best possible freight option!

What makes us particularly competent when it comes to air freight is that we have the experience to ensure your cargo gets from A to B.

Our wide array of cargo planes enable fast deliveries even for heavy loads!

Extensive Training and Expertise

For the past decade, we have transported over a thousand passengers to different locations all over the world.

All of our crew are qualified and have received comprehensive training to provide you with the best possible flight experience. This is why we know the in-depth details of how air cargo charters should be done.

In terms of experience and capability, there are only a handful of operators out there that can match Charter Jet Airlines.

Cargo Airlines

Why Use Us for Your Cargo Freight Charters?

Here are all the reasons why you should go with Charter Jet Airlines for your next cargo freight need:

Extensive experience: All of our charter experts are trained so they can competently manage any cargo charter flight from beginning to completion.

Cost-efficient solution: Our expertise and reputation in the industry enable us to provide you with the most competitive cargo charter prices!.

Aircraft options: We have access to over 15,000 aircraft so you can easily choose the right aircraft to suit your cargo requirements.

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