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The Citation latitude

The Cessna citation latitude is the newest Citation Latitude mid-size business jet model and is one of the fastest-growing aviation companies in America. One reason for this success is that their commitment to providing exceptional service and attention to detail has not wavered. Their goal is not only to provide high levels of customer satisfaction but also an unmatched level of safety for all customers who

In this blog post, we will explore Citation Latitude history and share some insights into how they have become so successful!

About Cessna Citation Latitude?

The Citation Latitude is a mid-size business jet charter produced by Pratt Whitney Canada. The corporation was established in early 1928 and has been in the charter business for the past 90 years. They have been involved in aviation, aerospace, and defense industries for many decades now. In the past decade, the mission has expanded its operations to include building aircraft engines as well as producing components of military tanks. With all this experience under their belt, it’s no wonder that Pratt Whitney Canada is considered one of the leading producers of business jets today!

Cessna Citation Latitude Specifications

The Citation Latitude is a mid-size business jet aircraft from the Cessna Citation family released in 2015. The plane seats 8 passengers spacious cabin with a maximum range of about 5,278 km/ 2,850 nm when fully fueled and has an average cruising speed of 826km/h but can top out at a cruise speed of 814 km/h!

Citation Latitude

Aircraft interior

Cabin Width: 6.5 feet
Cabin Height: 6 feet
Cabin Length 21.9 ft
Cabin volume: 100 cu ft
Baggage Capacity: 127 cu ft

Aircraft exterior

Exterior Height: 200.11 ft
Wing Span: 72.4 ft
Length 62 ft 3

Aircraft Distances

Takeoff Distance: 3580 ft
Landing Distance: 2480 ft

Aircraft Performance

Cruise Speed 446 kts
Avionics: Garmin G5000
Touch Screen Control Panels
List Price: 15.3 M (2018-19)

Aircraft Range

Maximum Range: 2850
Ceiling: 45000 ft
Long Range Cruise Speed: 423 mp/h

Crew and Pilots

Pilots: 2
Passengers: 8-9

Weight Operational control

Maximum Payload: 2544LB
Max Takeoff Weight: 30800LB

Cessna Citation Power Plant Engines

Engines manufacture: Pratt and Whitney
Engine Modal: PW306D1

Citation mid-size Business Jets

The Cessna Citation Latitude midsize jet is a great option for maximum comfort for charter flights. It is a mid-size aircraft jet and can travel from coast to coast at maximum range with ease, giving you the opportunity for some short hops before your destination. For many owners/passengers of Cessna Citation Latitude aircraft, their midsize expectations needs for flight options were met by the aircraft efficient flight.

Flight Range and Runways For Citation Latitude?

The Cessna Citation Latitude aircraft jet has a maximum rank of 2850 nm, which is the same as a Citation XLS+ jet. It also has two runways in Canada.

The Latitude’s runway length is about 9000 feet (2743 meters) on Runway 15R, and its maximum takeoff weight can be up to 12,500 pounds (~5541 kg). It cruises at Mach 0.80

The Interior Of Aircraft

The interior design of the Cessna Citation Latitude jet charter is one way that Cessna Citation Latitude has made sure to keep their customers/passengers happy. The cabin’s outstanding level of comfort starts with a flat floor system that combines carpet, leather and chrome-plated aluminum panels for an opulent yet durable feel. At 84 inches tall, passengers able to stand up in the cabin with ease. Couple this with a seat width of 24 inches and you have an enjoyable flight experience for all passengers aboard Cessna Citation Latitude jets charter.

Citation Latitude Aircraft

If you’re looking for a midsize jet, the Cessna Citation Latitude is one of your best class-leading performance options for charter. The Cessna Citation Latitude has all the features of a larger aircraft but with less noise and more space. It also offers an excellent price point that makes it perfect for any budget.

With its low operating costs, this aircraft will save you money on fuel and maintenance while still providing plenty of room to travel in style. You won’t find another aircraft like it on the market today!

How to Hire Your next Charter Jet Flights

We offer a wide variety of services for managing aircraft, from worldwide usage to on-demand needs. Our experts are here to answer any questions you may have about choosing the right private jet and making the best possible travel plans for your team or yourself. From corporate jets to public shuttles, we provide options that can be tailored toward your specific comfort level! We want you to rest assured knowing that we won’t gouge you with last-minute booking fees or tack on hidden service charges. Get in touch today if you need help picking out an option that is perfect for your airport size and schedule needs!

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