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Book a Private Jet from Nice to New York and Travel in Style

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Planning to visit New York for your romantic honeymoon? Book a private jet from Nice to New York and fill your journey with more mesmerizing moments. We believe in offering you the most compatible and private environment during the journey.

It will take approx. 9 hours to reach New York from Nice and you are going to list this trip in the book of your unforgettable campaigns. So, start the journey, devoid of any unnecessary waiting at the public airport and enjoy the blissful sunset at the Brooklyn Bridge!

Why Choose Private Shuttle?
Stylish Tour:

Acquire the excellent royalty, indulgence, style, and quality amenities when traversing in the private jets and make your journey euphoric.

Ultimate Privacy:

The best thing that you will get is the complete control on the ambience and the utmost privacy. Plus, you also have the liberty to change the environment, like keeping it personal or interact with the staff.

Relaxing and Pleasant Time:

Just sit relax and enjoy the feeling of being the midst of the clouds! You are free to have the window seat that allows you to cherish the cheerful time.

Rapid Speed:

It is like vanishing in the sky and relish your trip in your own charter that will fly you to your destination with the fast speed.

Nice/Côte d’Azur -to- New York

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