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Advantages of Hiring an Air Charter Flight

Would you like to take your shoes off, play your music loudly or do a cartwheel down the aisle of the plane? All these things are impossible while flying on a commercial plane, but everything’s different when you charter a flight. Booking your flight provides you with the privilege of more than a  first-class ride, plus a level of privacy and comfort that no business trip allows. Therefore, the upscale and business people use a private jet for a comfortable and stress-free journey. Although they are costly, the advantages of a charter flight can outweigh the cost.

  • Enjoy total privacy

If you have little legroom, picky on food, easily distracted from others, and cannot sleep in public, your 11-hour flight to Europe will turn miserable upon arrival, a person can end up feeling unprepared for the ultimate destination. However, you may charter a private or business plane and eliminate any distractions by having your own area to catch up on sleeping hours. Tailor your own catering by any special diet and last but not least choose who you fly with, friends or family coworkers or by yourself.

You can get a charter flight to accommodate as little as two or three or as many as 50, depending on the number of people you are traveling with. This means you can sleep without being disturbed, or can talk about business in the confidence of your own airborne corporate office.

  • Flying via executive airports

Some highlighted benefits when flying on a private plane ensure you avoid any airport delays, such as long security lines or checking in luggage. In a commercial flight traditionally you must arrive at least a few hours prior to departure, with Charter companies you may arrive 15 minutes close to taking off. Private aircraft equipped and prepare to serve complimentary refreshments, snacks, soft drinks, and alcoholic beverages. Prior to boarding, you may park your car as close as possible to your charter flight at no charge.  Charter passengers enjoy the Fix Base Operator, also known as an executive airport facility such as business conference rooms, lounge, relaxing rooms, and gym. Etc.

  • Pack anything you desire

The privilege to fly with all your baggage, belongings and any cargo you can think of is one of the major advantages of charter flights that can not be unnoticed. Turn the cabin into your own office, you can layout your laptop, briefcase, and as many as you wish plugged-in types of equipment or gadgets all around you with full privacy. Or perhaps you can stash them away, ensuring it secured to land with you.

In some airports Charter flights exempted from TSA security, which allows passengers to be unconcern about packing liquid or checking electronic devices. However, upon reservation, passengers need to provide the weight of cargo and passenger’s weight upon booking.

  •  Convenience is priceless

From now on you do not need to wait for your flight, the opposite is the reality which the charter plane actually waits for you according to the exact time you reserved the plane for yourself. Running late? simply notify Charter Jet Airlines of any flight modification. You can choose from at least over 5000 executive airports of your own departure/arrival as close as you can get to your ultimate destination. This is priceless.

The benefits mentioned in this blog are some of the most important when chartering a private jet. There are several other benefits, such as stress-free, safety, and a higher level of productivity. A charter flight is a standard way of living and by far more luxurious than any commercial flight. Therefore, experience the best journey of your life on a charter flight.

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Things to Consider When Booking Private Jet Flights

Now days many people consider flying in a private jet flight in their life. When one gets an opportunity to fly in a private jet plane, know what to consider before boarding a flight. Private jets offer luxury and comfort to travelers, and you can book them easily as well. Therefore, these flights are worth considering for travelers who prefer to travel to save time, need fast booking, and need last-minute trip, unlike what they get in a commercial flights.

There are many benefits of traveling by a private jet flight, and it helps people travel with no hassles. There is no need to take the stress of booking a scheduled flight when one can book a private plane. It is all about paying towards the service that gives more than what others cannot get. Whether one is traveling for leisure or business, booking a private jet flight is one of the best options you can consider. The interiors of a private jet flight look classy and provide utmost comfort to passengers. Also, people looking to have complete privacy while traveling can consider flying by private jet flights.

First-time travelers can have a unique experience altogether until they reach their destination on a private jet plane. Travelers can know a lot by researching details online. They can get details about different type of aircraft. Therefore, it is essential to consider a few things before booking a flight.

What to Consider Before Booking A Flight?

It is essential to do research on private jet flights and check how they work. Research a few companies and check the booking process by calling a charter broker.

Choosing an airport is another essential thing, and it provides flexibility to travelers no matter where you need to fly. Travelers can choose to travel through small or big airports depending upon the preference. It is essential to pick the nearest FBO Fixed-Base Operator also known as executive airport to board the flight because of the ease of traveling.

You can choose to book a round trip or one way, as it is a cost-effective way to travel. However, when planning to travel for more than a week, it is better to book a private jet flight to save money. It is also essential to book a flight in advance to get the best charter jet deal on bookings.

Choose an aviation company that has access to a fleet of aircraft of all sizes, and they should be able to provide you quotes to all your travel requests if it’s domestic or international flight, long range trip or short one. Distance and carry luggage of any size. Search a company that suits these requirements and gets to know about the company and its certification.

Remember, it commits private jet flight service to ensuring privacy, convenience, and safety to passengers, and it should do that well. Get in touch with a reliable and reputed jet flight call center and know about the facilities they offer along with the price quote. Choose a charter airline that has the highest safety standards to ensure safe traveling. Be 100 percent sure of the company that provides the value of money and offers customer satisfaction.

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Charter Flight as The Best Travelling Option

No mode of travel is safer and more luxurious than a private charter flight. These days, there are a number of companies which enable busy professionals and business travelers to avail these services at reasonably affordable rates. Such flights help to make maximum productive use of the available time during trips.  

Quicker check-ins and quicker transits

As compared to regular flight passengers, individuals boarding a charter flight can check-in to their flights much quicker. At the same time, transit times are also lesser than usual. There are more personalized services here for all the travelers who are hard pressed for time. These relaxing flights are able to relieve their passengers of stress, allowing them to focus better on their respective agendas.

Elaborate fleet options are provided to those who fly by private jets. Several technology-based applications are made available as well, such as instant flight alerts and empty leg availability. It is good to see this area of ultra luxurious travel getting competitive now.

Average flight duration

Chartered jet flights are usually for a period of 2 hours each. One has the option to choose from different prices, which will decide the amenities made available. Such amenities are absent from commercial flights around the world.

Legroom and in-flight entertainment

Passengers will have much more legroom in comparison to regular commercial flights. The cabin interiors will give a feeling of truly belonging there. Passengers can stretch their limbs easily, while enjoying a variety of in-flight entertainment channels and technologies. Such pampering is natural to make any passenger for any challenge that lies ahead in life.

Top reasons to choose chartered flights

All the above reasons are naturally important to state the wonderful flight experience delivered by chartered flights. However, these are not the only reasons; there are others which make the case even stronger.

  1. Tremendous comfort and safety– A person who chooses a chartered flight could either be a leisure or a business traveler. Whatever the case, the safety of each and every passenger is of utmost priority, for which there are special technologies as well.  
  2. Emergencies – Private jet charter companies can be present at emergencies faster than regular commercial planes. They are able to cater to clients from both the private and the government. One can see emergency services in the form of air ambulances being available.  
  3. Family time– Flying in private jets is also a great time to enjoy luxury, comfort, and style with the loved ones. This could be either for a short term or a long vacation. Since the travel time is lesser here, a person reaches home faster than commercial flights.
  4. Very Convenient– There are many US airports that allow private jets to land today. The ban on liquids in 2006 did hurt passengers travelling by commercial flights, but not those on private jets.
  5. Highly experienced crew– Professional crew members are trained well enough to ensure that travel is entirely hassle free

Flexibility– Private jets can be boarded even by planning at the last minute, eliminating the need to decide in advance.

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Know Five Things to Book a Private Plane Charter Conveniently

Going for a business meeting, a trip away with your family, an emergency, your honeymoon, or whatsoever; hiring a private plane charter is something that embodies luxury and class.

There was a time when it was a thing reserved for only a few, but not anymore. From short trips to long ones, private charters are becoming as much popular as any other form of privately hired transportation.

However, is booking a private plane charter so simple? While it may not be rocket science, it isn’t something that you can do so blindly. After all, you have to consider your entire requirements and what the charter company requires from you as well.

So what factors you should keep in mind when booking a private charter? Read on to know more:

2. Travel Necessity

The first one, of course, is your purpose. Do you want to hire it for a business trip, a leisure one, or for an emergency trip? This way, you will also know how far you have to go and for how much time you will need to book that charter place. Identifying your needs help to filter out several aspects and look for, search, and find a charter service that fits your requirement.

2. Cost

While we say that private charter is becoming more and more popular, it remains at a certain level when it comes to a flying fee. Therefore, knowing how much it costs will help you understand if your budget affords you that luxury. Prices are based on several factors, including the type of plane, duration of the flight, length of stay. When consulting about the fees, always ask for any additional charges like for overnight stay, specific food request, or for de-icing.

3. Type of Plane

Your needs, purpose, duration of the flight, number of passengers traveling, luggage requirements all define what type of plane will suit your requirement the best. All of these factors are considered into the overall cost of the flight. Going through this aspect is a necessity before every private charter booking.

4. Advance Booking

Why should you book your plane in advance? One of the main advantages of reserving your flight early is the variety of wide availability of aircraft selections, therefore you will receive numerous charter flight quotes. Booking early is highly recommended for your own advantage.

5. Travel Insurance

Like any other travel mode, insurance for this type of travel should not be overlooked. While carriers will have their usual operator insurance you should take standard travel insurance like you would for any other vacation time.


Apart from the above aspects make sure to look into how will you get to the private plane from your home or place on the day of the flight, will you be allowed any changes of destination or trip extension by the carrier if the need arises, and similar other things specific to your travel when hiring private plane charter.

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Tips to Book a Private Jet Charter

The most common reasons for people to opt for private jet charter is convenience, privacy, and comfort. If you never travelled in this manner before, then you are likely to be confused about the process of booking the jet and save some money too.

In this article, we will share quick tips to help you navigate the world of private flying and how to enrich your experience while you are at it.

Choose the charter company wisely

Different charter companies have different rules and facilities. Therefore, you must choose the private jet charter company wisely. You can start by calling a handful of charter companies and discuss the details about safety rating, pilot’s experience etc. with the charter representative. A trusted service provider will ensure that their staff is able to answer all the questions about their business accurately.

Educate yourself about the options

If this is your first time traveling by an air charter, you must consider educating yourself about the aircraft. It can be helpful to know about the specifications of various air crafts, including the amenities on board, how spacious they are, and what the aircraft looks like. If you want to save money, you may have to forgo certain facilities such as time flexibility or availability of space. But if you want to have the full luxury experience, then it is a good idea to research your options and know clearly what you need.

Select your departure airport

The airport you use to fly out can have a huge impact on the amount of money you pay. Unlike commercial flights, booking a charter gives you flexibility as to where you want to fly from and to. Most cities have a main airport as well as a smaller airport. So, if your departure and/or arrival destination has a small airport, then you can choose to use them to save more money. Therefore, you must ask the professional for their opinion on your arrival or departure airport. They will be able to tell you about available options that end up costing you less while being more convenient.

Consider one-way trip

If your plan is uncertain, then it would be better to book a one-way flight just to give you the flexibility of an extended stay. With a round trip, your charter jet would have to remain grounded until you are set to fly again. This waiting can be a huge cost to the carrier and, by extension, to you. If you hire an experienced charter company, your broker will be able to negotiate one-way deals to help accommodate your needs.

If you and your family want to holiday in ultimate luxury, then booking a private jet will give you that one-of-a-kind experience. Get rid of long queues and airport formalities! Just use the tips discussed above to get the best deal and make the most of the available options to get your money’s worth!

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Hiring a Private Jet for Business Travel? Here are 5 Things you Should Know

Flying via commercial airlines is tedious and tiring. Waiting in long queues at the airport and then crammed seating always takes the fun out of travelling. For people who have to travel around the world for business purposes along with their team of executives, travelling through regular flying means restricts you from any kind of discussions during the travel time.

If you are a frequent traveler, these problems can get really frustrating after some time. Fortunately, now you have the option of flying in something more luxurious and with style, renting a private jet. Unlike earlier times, hiring a private jet was only a luxury afforded by the rich class of the society. But with numerous private jet rental services making their way out in the market, it has become easier and affordable to hire charter planes for ordinary people as well. In the last couple of years, flying on a private jet has become the best and modern way to travel. In fact, there is no better option than riding on a private jet to meet your travel needs.

What Makes Private Jet Better Than Commercial Flights?

Private jet rental services have become easier and affordable means of travel these days, especially for business owners who are mostly on the move. There are many benefits you can enjoy while traveling on a private jet: –

  1. Comfort and Convenience – One of the biggest advantages of hiring a private jet is that it offers the utmost comfort and convenience to its passengers. You don’t have to wait in a long queue as the airport for immigration or baggage claim. Also, there you can fly with complete comfort. Since there are a smaller number of seating available on the plane, you can fly with comfort, without cramping your legs.
  2. Privacy – You cannot expect to have privacy on a public airline unless you are booking a business class which is an expensive affair. It is almost impossible to relax in a public airline when you have more than a hundred passengers traveling with you. But hiring a private jet offers you the privacy and freedom to relax during travel. Also, there are no irritating passengers to bother you. A private jet allows people to travel with ease and style.
  3. Flexibility – When flying by public airlines, you need to manage your time according to them. But when using a private jet, you dictate your time. You can easily choose the departure time as per your convenience as well as the airport you want to fly to. With private jets, there are no hassles of delayed or cancelled flights. You are not restricted by commercial airlines schedule. With private jet services, you can forget all these hassles completely.
  4. Luxury – Private jet rental companies are known to offer luxuries while flying. Moreover, the level of luxury is not defined by classes here. These companies offer drinks and meals as per your taste and style, rather than mass produced food you are usually offered on regular flights.

Make Holiday Trips Easier – Rent Private Jets With Us!

Holiday season is on! However, flying via commercial flights during this season can be an overwhelming and stressful experience. And one of the best ways to avoid these stress and hassles is flying via private jet rentals. When you fly privately, you get several advantages! Whether you rent private jets for short distance trips or planning to fly on a heavy jet to a longer distance, private jets offer you an ease of traveling. Flying with private jet rentals enable you to enjoy a faster, comfortable and utmost safe traveling experience without any security queues, long delays or crowded airport scenes.

Being in the industry for years now, we at Charter Jet Airlines understand how private jets are a great relief for people especially during the holiday seasons. So check out the following reasons on why to rent private jets this holiday season –

  • No More Waiting in Long Queues

As the name suggests private jets are completely private! Private flying involves a limited number of passengers and they will be your loved ones. Fewer people to board flight means less crowd, less time waiting on the ground that happens in case of commercial flights where there are endless lines and hours spent in processing large number of passengers. What makes private jet travels excellent is that you board your aircraft as soon as you arrive at the airport.

  • More Airports can be accessed

When you choose to fly privately you get access to more airports throughout the country and world. You can access the smaller airports for smaller airplanes that are often overlooked or not being used by commercial flights. And the interesting part here is most of the smaller airports are located near to your destinations.

  • Save Time with Shorter Flights

As already mentioned that private jets can land in smaller airports that are closer to your planned destination, hence you get to land more close to your desired city or town. Therefore, you save a lot of time and effort for getting from one location to another.

  • Flexibility is Schedules

With private flights you get an opportunity to get a flexible flight schedule. Private flight times are often adjusted according to your preferences and convenience. For instance, if you need to leave quickly for a business meet then the private airline staffs can schedule your flight accordingly. If weather permits, private aircraft crew schedules the departure as per your convenience.

  • More Personal Services

When you fly privately you enjoy better and a more personal service while in the air. We at Charter Jet Airlines make sure that the our clients enjoy private flying to the fullest and hence we take care of your catering, ground transportation as well as your special requests (if any).

  • Spacious and Comfy Seats

Private jets have spacious and comfortable seats, even beds in some of the planes for making your flying experience pleasant and relaxed. No more seating in a restricted way for hours!

Aren’t private jets a cooler option? So make your holiday a hassle-free and comfortable experience; rent private jets with us today! For more information contact us today at 877-730-0111. You can also write to us at

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Different Types of Private Jets to Choose From

Are you finding it difficult to understand which private jet you should charter for your next trip? Do not worry! We at Charter Jet Airlines being a reputed and experienced air charter service have come with a solution for you.

First of all, check out the things that you need to consider while searching for a private jet. Before you start searching for your ideal private jet you must consider the following things –

·         The seating capacity of the private jet

·         Amount of luggage you will be carrying

·         The distance you expect it to fly without refueling

·         Availability of the necessary amenities

·         Size and height of the jet cabin

It is a fact that when you focus on the carrying capacity of the jet, you will have to compromise on its travel range.

Still confused? Then we have enlisted the different types of private jets available, so that you can choose the one you find suitable for your preferences. Have a look –

·         Very Light Jets

If you are planning for a short-haul distance trip, then the very light jets or compact light jets are the best options. Such jets use shorter runways and are cheaper as compared to their larger counterparts. These jets are ideal for accommodating 4 to 7 passengers comfortably. At Charter Jet Airlines we have Embraer Phenom 100, Eclipse E500, Beechcraft Premier IA and Cessna Citation I in this category.

·         Light Jets

Light jets are mostly preferred by executives for business travels. Such jets are capable of managing 2 to 3 hours flight at ease and are cost-effective options. Up to 8 passengers can be accommodated in this jet comfortably.  We have Citation CJ1/ CJ2, Learjet 31/40 XR, Premier 1, Hawker 400 XP and Citation II/Bravo in this category.

·         Medium Jets

Medium jets are more spacious as compared to the light jet options. Such jets are more fuel efficient and have multiple range options with variable speeds. You can also find a number of luxurious amenities within it that are necessary for a hassle-free flying. These jets can accommodate 7 to 9 passengers comfortably. In this category we have Citation Sovereign, Hawker 800/850/900, Learjet 55/60 and Citation Excel.

·         Super Mid Jets

Super mid jets are more luxurious version of medium jets. Such jets are capable of carrying up to 13 passengers. And these flights have better space, range and speed as compared to medium jets. We have Falcon 2000, Citation X, Bombardier Challenger 300, and Gulfstream G280 in the super mid jet category.

·         Heavy Jets

Heavy jets have large cabins and are extremely spacious flights which can accommodate up to 16 passengers in supreme comfort along with the flight attendants. Such jets usually have first-class seating options with pull-out tabletops and private sleeping areas for utmost comfort. In this category of jets we have Challenger 604/605, LEGACY 600/650, and GULFSTREAM 450/550.

·         Jet Long Range

Long range jets are extremely luxurious flying options with a lot of space for passengers as well as luggage. Such jets come with stand-up cabins and lie-flat beds as well as enclosed bathrooms. Long range jets can accommodate up to 19 passengers comfortably.  These jets are mostly preferred by celebrities and rich personalities. In this category we have FALCON 7X, Global Express, and Gulfstream G650ER.

·         VIP Airliners

VIP Airliners are the most expensive private jets that can boast any sort of amenities you desire to make your travel comfortable. You can find private suites, dining areas and business centers on these jets. With plenty of space for passengers and flight attendants VIP Airliners can have up to 74 seats in it. Our VIP Airliners range includes Boeing BBJ – VIP Airliner and Boeing 757-200 VIP.

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Considerations to Make While Choosing Air Charter Service

Price of private jets often makes people think twice before renting one. However, with the increase in unreliability of commercial airlines, more number of people and businesses are considering air charter service over commercial ones.

Not just because these options are convenient but they also save money and time to a great extent. Because of this there are also numerous air charter services careers option have been generated in last few years.

However, before choosing an air charter service, you need to make a few considerations.

  • Reputation and Customer Service

Private jet charter flights are meant for offering you the comfort and convenience that a commercial flight cannot offer; hence, these flights need to be tailored as per your needs. While choosing an air charter service providing company, check their customer service from the very beginning. A knowledgeable and reputed company will answer your calls diligently, review your options and offer you the service you need at a competitive price. Do spend some extra time on researching on the company’s reputation before finalizing.

  • Market Standing Review

Air charter business has become highly competitive nowadays which has led many businesses to opt for the least expensive option. But besides the pricing you should also consider the market standing of the company. To get a better insight about the reputation of the company in the market and how they meet the needs of the customers you can go through the customer reviews online. You can also consult with your colleagues, or friends who have used air charter services before making any decision.

  • Ask About Problem Handling

Several situations occur when the planes experience mechanical problems which may cause delays. But there should not be any stuck situations. So it is highly advisable to ask the company you prefer about how they handle such problematic situations. They must have a good back up plan to rescue you from such situations. So if a company does not have satisfying answers to your queries or if they charge extra for such situations they avoid hiring them at the first place.

  • Aircraft and Safety Standard Review

A reputable air charter service provider should possess a range of aircrafts of different sizes and capabilities for passenger and luggage capacity. You should choose that company that has the plane of a size that suits your needs perfectly. Do review the age of the plane as well as the crew. Usually older aircrafts are maintained well and are safer as compared to the newer ones. However, they may have fewer amenities! And in order to check the safety standards make sure to consider the experience of the flight crew and maintenance. Also, do not forget to ask for the certification of the company as that is the proof that the company is authorized and legally offers private jet rental services.


Charter Jet Airlines is a leading and dependable air charter service providing company. They provide private jet rentals at the most competitive prices.

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Benefits of Flying With a Group on Private Jets for Rental

The popularity of private jets for rental is growing every year. Being an experienced air charter service in USA, we at Charter Jet Airlines suggest group charter or flying with friends for cost-effective private jet travel.

There are several benefits of flying in a group with friends on a private jet. Let us have a look at these benefits below –

  • Enjoy Discounted Private Jet Charter Empty Legs

The cheapest way to travel with friends is the empty leg flights. An empty leg flight drops the passengers at their destination and returns to its base empty or it flies empty to pick up the passengers from another airport. When you book an empty leg flight in a group you can reduce up to 75% of the regular price of private jets for rental. That is because the price of the discounted flight will be shared by all the group members. Isn’t that cost-friendly?

Also if you are traveling with your family and want to explore the many off-the-map locations of the country or want to enjoy regular weekend getaways for adventurous activities like skiing, scuba diving or hiking, then empty legs are your best bet. As an air charter service in USA we possess a selection of discounted empty leg flights that will make your group and family tours cost-effective and enjoyable!

  • The Jet Card

As more number of people are opting for private jet charter over commercial airlines for experiencing all the comforts of flying on board, convenience of flying even to the remote destinations where commercial flights cannot reach, as well as saving a lot of time for traveling, several interesting things have been added to private jets for rental services.

One of the innovations is the private jet card. A private jet card is your membership card for the air charter service in USA. With this card you can use different aircraft at a fixed hourly rate. It is one of the best ways to save on private jet charter. This way you will be more flexible in choosing the aircraft of different types and have a benefit of shorter callout time for the aircraft. Other benefits of this card include 24/7 availability of flights for your trip, including your accommodation, transfer and tickets.

  • Enjoy Luxury Private Jets without Hurting Your Pocket

When you opt for a group private jet charter, you can save a significant amount especially when you choose an aircraft that best suits your requirements. This way you will have an enjoyable private jet without hurting your pocket and will be completely satisfied with your trip.

For instance if you are flying a short distance, you can opt for a smaller aircraft like very light jets like Eclipse E500 or helicopters that will cost you less. Similarly, for longer cross country trips you can opt for mid-size jets like Hawker 800/850/900. For long distance flying across the USA we would advise you chartering a long range private jet like Gulfstream G650ER. And if you are looking for private jets for rental for large event organizers then you should opt for VIP airliners like Boeing 757-200 VIP or turbo prop aircrafts like Beechcraft King Air C90.

To know more how you can save more on private jets for rental, you can get in touch with us at +1 877 730 0111. Or email at