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Private Jet Rental The Ultimate Guide

PRIVATE JET RENTAL The Ultimate Guide to Luxury Air Travel



Imagine soaring through the skies in your own private jet, sipping champagne while enjoying breathtaking views from above. Private jet rental offers a level of luxury and convenience that is unmatched by commercial airlines. Whether you’re a business traveler seeking efficiency or a leisure traveler looking to indulge, renting a private jet can provide an unforgettable experience. In this comprehensive guide, we will walk you through everything you need to know about private jet rental, from its benefits to the booking process, ensuring you have a smooth journey from start to finish.

Table of Contents

  1. What is Private Jet Rental?
  2. Advantages of Private Jet Rental
  3. Types of Private Jets Available
  4. How to Rent a Private Jet
  5. Points to Consider When Renting a Private Jet
  6. Private Jet Rental Costs
  7. Top Destinations for Private Jet Travel
  8. Safety and Security Measures
  9. In-Flight Amenities and Services
  10. Frequently Asked Questions
    1. Can anyone rent a private jet?
    2. How far in advance should I book a private jet?
    3. Can I bring pets on board?
    4. Are there restrictions on luggage?
    5. What if my flight needs to be rescheduled or canceled?
    6. Are private jets environmentally friendly?
  11. Conclusion

What is Private Jet Rental?

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Private jet rental, also known as private jet charter, is the process of hiring an entire aircraft for exclusive use. It allows individuals, groups, or businesses to enjoy the benefits of flying on a private jet without the long-term commitments and expenses associated with aircraft ownership. With private jet rental, you have the freedom to choose the type of aircraft, departure time, and destination, offering flexibility and personalized travel experiences.

Advantages of Private Jet Rental

When it comes to luxury air travel, private jet rental offers numerous advantages over commercial flights. Here are some key benefits:

  1. Flexibility and Convenience: With private jet rental, you have the freedom to choose your departure time, destination, and even make last-minute changes to your itinerary. You can avoid long security lines and arrive just minutes before your flight.
  2. Privacy and Exclusivity: When you rent a private jet, you and your guests have the entire aircraft to yourselves. This provides a high level of privacy, allowing you to conduct business meetings, relax, or celebrate special occasions without any

interference from other passengers.

  1. Luxury and Comfort: Private jets are designed with luxury and comfort in mind. You can expect spacious cabins, plush seating, and a range of amenities to enhance your travel experience. Enjoy gourmet meals, personalized service, and state-of-the-art entertainment systems.
  2. Time-saving: Private jet rental allows you to save valuable time. You can avoid layovers, connecting flights, and lengthy check-in processes. The efficiency of private aviation ensures that you reach your destination faster, maximizing your productivity and minimizing travel stress.
  3. Access to Remote Locations: Private jets have the ability to land at smaller airports and remote destinations that are often inaccessible to commercial airlines. This opens up a world of possibilities for business travelers and adventurers seeking unique experiences off the beaten path.
  4. Customized Itineraries: With private jet rental, you have the flexibility to create customized itineraries that cater to your specific needs. Whether you’re planning a multi-city business trip or a leisurely vacation with multiple stops, private jet rental allows you to design your travel plans according to your preferences.

Types of Private Jets Available

Private jets come in various sizes and configurations to accommodate different travel needs. Here are some common types of private jets available for rental:

  1. Light Jets: Ideal for short-haul flights and small groups, light jets offer cost-effective and efficient travel options. They typically have seating for up to 7 passengers and provide a comfortable and stylish flying experience.
  2. Mid-size Jets: With increased seating capacity and longer range capabilities, mid-size jets are perfect for medium-distance travel. They offer a balance of comfort, speed, and cost-effectiveness, making them a popular choice for both business and leisure travelers.
  3. Super Mid-size Jets: Super mid-size jets provide a spacious cabin with enhanced amenities, making them suitable for longer flights. These jets can accommodate larger groups and offer additional features such as separate seating areas, onboard lavatories, and increased baggage capacity.
  4. Large Cabin Jets: Designed for long-range travel, large cabin jets offer luxurious amenities and ample space. They can accommodate larger groups and often feature separate sleeping quarters, conference rooms, and full-service galleys.
  5. Ultra-Long Range Jets: Ultra-long range jets are the epitome of luxury and sophistication. With extended range capabilities, they can fly non-stop on intercontinental routes, providing an unparalleled level of comfort and convenience.

When selecting a private jet, consider factors such as passenger capacity, range, baggage capacity, and onboard amenities to ensure that you choose the aircraft that best suits your travel requirements.

How to Rent a Private Jet

Renting a private jet may seem like a complex process, but with the right guidance, it can be seamless and straightforward.Embark on an extraordinary journey: a step-by-step guide to renting a private jet:

  1. Define Your Travel Needs: Determine the purpose of your trip, the number of passengers, and the desired travel dates. This information will help you narrow down your options and find the most suitable private jet.
  2. Choose a Reliable Charter Broker or Operator: Work with a reputable charter broker or operator who has a wide selection of aircraft and a proven track record of providing excellent service. They will assist you in finding the right aircraft, handling the logistics, and ensuring a smooth rental process.
  3. Select Your Aircraft: Based on your travel needs and preferences, your broker or operator will present you with a selection of aircraft options. Consider factors such as passenger capacity, range, and amenities when making your decision.
  4. Request a Quote: Once you have selected your preferred aircraft, request a detailed quote from your broker or operator. The quote should include the total cost of the rental, any additional fees with the following FET Tax, fuel surcharges, landing fees, and catering. Review the quote carefully and clarify any questions or concerns before proceeding.
  5. Confirm the Booking: After reviewing the quote and ensuring that all your requirements are met, it’s time to confirm the booking. Provide the necessary details such as passenger names, contact information, and any special requests.
  6. Arrival and Departure: On the day of your flight, arrive at the designated private terminal or FBO (Fixed-Base Operator) where your private jet will be waiting. Enjoy a streamlined check-in process and pass through security procedures swiftly. Once onboard, the crew will ensure that you are comfortable and ready for takeoff.
  7. Enjoy Your Flight: Sit back, relax, and indulge in the luxury and comfort of your private jet. Take advantage of the amenities, personalized service, and the convenience of flying on your own schedule. Whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure, make the most of your private jet experience.

Key considerations for renting a private jet

Private jet rental key

Before finalizing your private jet rental, there are several factors to consider to ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience:

  1. Budget: Determine your budget for the private jet rental, including any additional expenses such as catering, ground transportation, and airport fees. Consider the size of your group and the duration of your flight when assessing the costs.
  2. Flight Distance: The distance of your flight will impact the type of aircraft you choose. Shorter flights may be more cost-effective on light jets, while longer journeys may require larger aircraft with extended range capabilities.
  3. Passenger Capacity: Consider the number of passengers who will be traveling with you. Ensure that the chosen aircraft can comfortably accommodate everyone, allowing for sufficient legroom and baggage space.
  4. Amenities: Different aircraft offer varying levels of amenities. If you have specific requirements such as onboard Wi-Fi, entertainment systems, or a conference area, discuss these preferences with your broker or operator.
  5. Safety and Certification: Verify the safety record and certifications of the charter operator and the aircraft. Look for operators that adhere to industry safety standards and hold appropriate licenses and accreditations.
  6. Cancellation Policy: Familiarize yourself with the cancellation policy before booking your private jet. Understand the terms and conditions regarding rescheduling, cancellations, and refunds to avoid any unexpected fees or charges.

By considering these factors, you can make an informed decision when choosing a private jet that aligns with your travel needs and preferences.

Private Jet Rental Costs

The price of renting a private jet can vary a lot. It depends on things like the kind of plane, how far you’re flying, how long the trip is, and any extra services you want. So many factors come into play, making it an exciting journey to find the perfect option for you. It’s important to understand the different cost components associated with renting a private jet:

  1. Hourly Rate: Private jets are typically rented on an hourly basis. The hourly rate includes the cost of fuel, crew, maintenance, and operational expenses. Hourly rates can range from a few thousand dollars for light jets to tens of thousands of dollars for large cabin or ultra-long range jets.
  2. Fuel Surcharges: In addition to the hourly rate, fuel surcharges may apply. Fuel costs fluctuate, and surcharges are calculated based on the current market prices. These charges are usually included in the final quote provided by the charter broker or operator.
  3. Airport Fees: Landing fees, parking fees, and handling charges at airports are additional costs that should be considered. These fees vary depending on the airport and can significantly impact the overall rental cost.
  4. Catering and Additional Services: If you require catering or additional services such as ground transportation or special requests, these expenses will be added to the overall cost. Discuss your preferences with the charter broker or operator in advance

to receive a detailed breakdown of these additional charges.

  1. Taxes and Fees: Depending on the jurisdiction and the specific rental agreement, taxes and fees may be applicable. It’s important to clarify these charges with your broker or operator to avoid any surprises.

To get an accurate estimate of the total cost, it is recommended to request a detailed quote that includes all the cost components mentioned above. This will help you budget accordingly and ensure that there are no unexpected expenses.

Top Destinations for Private Jet Travel


Private jet rental opens up a world of possibilities when it comes to choosing your travel destinations. Here are some popular destinations that are frequently visited by private jet travelers:

  1. St. Barts, Caribbean: This tropical paradise is a favorite among luxury travelers, offering stunning beaches, upscale resorts, and a vibrant nightlife scene. Private jets can land at the Gustaf III Airport, known for its short runway and thrilling approach.
  2. Aspen, Colorado: Known for its world-class ski resorts and breathtaking mountain views, Aspen attracts winter sports enthusiasts and nature lovers. Private jet travelers can conveniently land at Aspen-Pitkin County Airport, which is just a short drive away from the town.
  3. Cote d’Azur, France: The French Riviera is synonymous with luxury and elegance. From the glamorous city of Cannes to the picturesque beaches of Nice, private jet travelers can enjoy the opulence of this Mediterranean playground. Airports such as Nice Côte d’Azur Airport cater to private jet traffic.
  4. Maui, Hawaii: Escape to the tropical paradise of Maui, where pristine beaches, lush landscapes, and stunning waterfalls await. Kahului Airport serves as the main gateway for private jet travel to the island.
  5. New York City, USA: Private jet travelers can enjoy the bustling metropolis of New York City, exploring iconic landmarks, world-class dining, and luxury shopping. Teterboro Airport, located just outside Manhattan, is a popular choice for private jet arrivals.
  6. Dubai, United Arab Emirates: Experience the grandeur of Dubai, with its towering skyscrapers, luxurious resorts, and extravagant shopping malls. Dubai International Airport and Al Maktoum International Airport accommodate private jet traffic.

These destinations represent just a fraction of the many incredible locations you can explore through private jet travel. The convenience of private jet rental allows you to tailor your itinerary and discover the world at your own pace.

Safety and Security Measures

Safety takes center stage in private jet travel. Charter operators and brokers prioritize the well-being of their passengers and adhere to strict safety standards. Here are some safety and security measures implemented in private jet travel:

  1. Experienced Crew: Private jets are operated by experienced and highly trained pilots and cabin crew who undergo regular training and certification to ensure safe and efficient operations.
  2. Maintenance and Inspections: Private jets undergo rigorous maintenance schedules and inspections to ensure that they are in optimal condition. These inspections adhere to industry standards and regulatory requirements.
  3. Security Screening: Although private jet terminals offer a streamlined security process compared to commercial airports, there are still security measures in place to ensure passenger safety. Private jet passengers may undergo security screenings, including baggage checks and passenger verification.
  4. Safety Audits and Certifications: Charter operators and brokers often undergo safety audits and hold certifications such as the International Standard for Business Aircraft Operations (IS-BAO) to demonstrate their commitment to safety and compliance.
  5. Insurance Coverage: Charter operators and brokers carry comprehensive insurance coverage to protect passengers and their belongings in the event of any unforeseen circumstances.

It’s important to select reputable charter operators and brokers who prioritize safety and adhere to industry regulations. Before booking a private jet, inquire about the safety measures and certifications in


place. Additionally, you can request information about the operator’s safety record and their compliance with aviation authorities.

FAQs About Private Jet Rental

Q: What’s the price tag for renting a private jet?

  1. A:Renting a private jet varies based on aircraft type, flight distance, duration, and additional services. Dive into a world of opulence and embrace the thrill of personalized travel.

Q: How many people can a private jet accommodate?

  1. A: The number of passengers a private jet can accommodate varies depending on the aircraft’s size and configuration. Light jets typically seat up to 7 passengers, while larger cabin jets can accommodate 10 or more passengers.

Q: Can I bring my pets onboard on a private jet??

  1. A: Yes, most private jet operators allow pets onboard. However, it’s important to inform the operator in advance to ensure that appropriate arrangements are made for your furry companions.

Q: Can I choose the airport I want to depart from and arrive at?

  1. A: Yes, one of the advantages of private jet rental is the flexibility to choose your departure and arrival airports. Private jets have access to a wide range of airports, including smaller regional airports and private terminals.

Q: Can I work or hold meetings on a private jet?

  1. A: Absolutely. Private jets provide a conducive environment for work and meetings. Many aircraft are equipped with Wi-Fi, power outlets, and conference facilities to support productivity during your flight.

Q: How far ahead should you book a private jet?

  1. A: It is recommended to book your private jet as soon as you have finalized your travel plans. Popular destinations and peak travel periods may have limited availability, so booking in advance ensures that you secure your preferred aircraft and schedule.

In Conclusion

Private jet rental offers a luxurious and convenient way to travel, providing unparalleled comfort, privacy, and flexibility. Whether you’re a business traveler looking to maximize productivity or a leisure traveler seeking a seamless and personalized travel experience, private jet rental caters to your specific needs.

By partnering with reputable charter brokers or operators, you can access a wide range of aircraft options and ensure a safe and enjoyable journey. Consider factors such as your budget, travel requirements, and desired amenities when selecting a private jet. With careful planning and attention to detail, you can embark on a remarkable travel experience that exceeds your expectations.

So, why wait? Experience the ultimate in luxury travel and enjoy the convenience of private jet rental for your next journey.

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Unlock Luxury with Private Jet Rental

Fly in Style Unlock Luxury with Private Jet Rental

Experience the Ultimate Freedom with a Private Jet Rental

Experience The Way to Travel in Style and Comfort 

Are you tired of cramped seats, long lines, and endless delays when traveling by commercial airlines? If so, you may want to consider renting a private jet for your next trip.

Private jets offer a level of comfort, convenience, and luxury that can’t be matched by commercial airlines. They allow you to travel on your terms, with the freedom to choose your own schedule and destination.

One of the main benefits of renting a private jet is the unparalleled level of freedom it offers. When flying on a private jet, you are no longer bound by the rigid schedules and routes of commercial airlines.

You can choose your own departure time and destination, allowing you to travel according to your own needs and preferences. This means that you can avoid long layovers, missed connections, or arriving at your destination feeling exhausted from an overnight flight.

But beyond just offering greater flexibility in travel arrangements, renting a private jet also unlocks an incredible level of luxury. Private jets are designed with comfort in mind – from plush seating to gourmet catering options – so that every aspect of your trip is tailored to meet your needs.

Whether it’s the ability to stretch out on plush seating or enjoy high-quality entertainment systems mid-flight – everything about flying on a private jet is designed for maximum comfort. So if you’re looking for the ultimate way to travel in style and comfort while enjoying complete freedom over your itinerary – then renting a private jet should definitely be on top of your list!

The Convenience of Private Jet Rental

Time is Money

aircraft rental

When it comes to flying, time is a precious commodity. Commercial flights can be a hassle from start to finish, with long lines and slow security checks.

With private jet rental, you can skip all of that. You’ll arrive at the airport and get whisked away to your private jet without any fuss or delay.

You won’t have to worry about missing your flight because of traffic or long lines at check-in. And once you’re in the air, you’ll be able to fly directly to your destination without any layovers or connecting flights.

Flying on Your Own Schedule

Another major benefit of private jet rental is flexibility in scheduling. You won’t have to work around a commercial airline’s fixed schedule – instead, you can fly whenever you want.

Need to arrive early in the morning? No problem!

Want to take a weekend trip that spans less than 48 hours? A private jet will get you there, even if commercial airlines do not offer direct flights between those locations.

Plus, with private jet rental, destinations are not limited by commercial airline routes and schedules as often happens when travelling outside popular routes. Whether it’s for business travel or leisure travel, having this kind of flexibility makes all the difference.

The convenience that comes with renting a private jet cannot be overstated: it saves valuable time and offers more flexibility in terms of scheduling and destinations than commercial airlines could ever offer. With all these benefits not only do clients reach their business appointments on time but also experience total freedom throughout their journey which makes their whole trip worthwhile!

The Comforts of Private Jet Rental:

Indulge in Luxurious Amenities and Exclusive Privacy


When it comes to traveling in style, private jet rental offers you the ultimate indulgence. Apart from its convenience, private jets are well-known for their luxurious amenities that cater to your every need. From plush seating to gourmet catering, everything on a private jet is designed to give you the best flying experience possible.

Most private jets offer reclining seats that can be converted into beds, ensuring that you arrive at your destination feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. You will be amazed by the quality of food offered on board; it’s not just your regular airline meals.

Instead, expect a wide range of sumptuous delicacies tailored to fit your dietary requirements and preferences. You’ll have access to an assortment of complimentary beverages such as premium wines, cocktails, and top-shelf spirits.

In addition to excellent dining options, entertainment is also taken care of on a private jet. Expect high-quality sound systems with a vast music library, movies on demand via personal devices screens or large screens installed throughout the cabin; some even offer video game consoles!

With all these options at your disposal, you’ll find that time flies by as quickly as the plane does. Apart from these amenities, privacy is another significant factor that sets private jets apart from commercial flights.

When flying privately with friends or family members or travelling for business purposes with colleagues or clients without interruptions from strangers becomes significantly more comfortable when it happens in total seclusion. With no fellow passengers peeping over at what you’re eating or what you’re working on (or worse), complete confidentiality can be maintained during sensitive conversations.

Flying privately also means exclusive access to airport facilities such as executive lounges and terminals which make for seamless travel experiences – no long lines or crowds here! All this luxury comes at a price but if time is precious, and you value the extra comfort while traveling, private jet rental is a worthwhile investment.

The Cost of Private Jet Rental

Debunking Common Misconceptions

When people think of private jets, they often assume that they are only for the ultra-rich. While it’s true that renting a private jet can be expensive, there are many misconceptions about the cost that need to be addressed.

One common misconception is that you have to pay for the entire aircraft, even if you don’t need all the seats. In reality, you can often rent a single seat or just a portion of the aircraft for a reduced cost.

Additionally, while some private jets cost tens of thousands of dollars per hour to rent, there are also more affordable options available. Another misconception is that renting a private jet is always more expensive than flying commercial.

While this may be true in some cases, there are many situations in which renting a private jet can actually be cost-effective. For example, if you’re traveling with a large group or need to fly to multiple destinations in one day, the cost per person may end up being less than it would be on commercial flights.

Cost-Effective Travel

private jet rental Cost-Effective Travel

While it’s true that private jet rental can be expensive, it’s important to recognize the ways in which it can actually save you money in certain situations. For example, if you’re traveling with a large group and need to book multiple tickets on commercial flights, the total cost could end up being higher than if you rented a private jet for your group.

This is especially true if you’re flying to multiple destinations in one day or need flexibility with your scheduling. It’s also worth noting that renting a smaller or mid-size jet can sometimes be more affordable than larger and more luxurious options.

If your priority is simply getting from point A to point B quickly and comfortably rather than having all the bells and whistles on board, opting for a smaller jet could be the most cost-effective choice. Overall, while private jet rental may not always be the most affordable option, it’s important to consider all the factors and weigh the cost against the convenience and luxury that come with flying on a private jet.

Selecting the Right Private Jet for Your Trip

An Overview of Different Types of Private Jets Available for Rental

When it comes to private jet rental, there are several options available to choose from. The most common types include light jets, mid-size jets, and heavy jets.

Light jets are ideal for shorter trips with smaller groups, while mid-size jets offer more space and range for longer trips. Heavy jets are the largest and most luxurious option, perfect for large groups or international travel.

For those seeking an even more exclusive experience, there are also ultra-long-range and VIP airliners available for rent. These options offer even more luxury amenities such as full-sized beds and showers.

Option to Consider When Choosing a Private Jet

private jet rental Option to Consider

When choosing a private jet rental, there are several factors to consider beyond just size and range. One important consideration is capacity – how many passengers will be traveling in your group?

This will determine the size of the aircraft you need. Another factor to consider is amenities.

Do you need a fully stocked bar or gourmet catering? Are you looking for an entertainment system or a spacious cabin?

These factors can greatly impact your overall experience on the flight. Range is also an important consideration when choosing a private jet.

For longer trips or international travel, you’ll want an aircraft with enough range to get you where you need to go without stopping for fuel. Overall, when choosing a private jet rental it’s important to think about your specific needs and preferences in order to find the perfect fit for your trip.

How to Rent a Private Jet

Renting a private jet may seem like an exclusive and elusive experience, but it is much more accessible than you might think. Step one is to find a reputable provider.

You can start by researching online or asking for recommendations from friends or colleagues who have rented private jets before. Look for providers with good reviews, accreditation from relevant organizations, and transparent pricing policies.

Once you have found a provider that meets your criteria, the next step is to book your flight. Depending on the provider, you may be able to do this online through their website or app, or by calling their customer service team directly.

During the booking process, you will need to provide information such as your travel dates, destination(s), number of passengers, and any special requests such as catering or ground transportation upon arrival. Your provider will then work with you to finalize the details of your flight itinerary.

Addressing Common Questions About Logistics

One of the main advantages of renting a private jet is that it offers more flexibility and convenience compared to commercial airlines. However, there are still some logistics to consider when planning your trip.

One common question is about airport procedures – do you need to go through security like at a commercial airport? The answer varies depending on the airport and operator involved in your rental.

In general though, private jet travelers often have access to separate terminals or lounges where they can skip long security lines. Another important consideration when renting a private jet is baggage allowances.

While there are typically no weight restrictions on carry-on items like purses or laptops, larger items like suitcases may be subject to weight limits depending on the size of the aircraft being used for your flight. It’s also worth noting that some smaller airports may not have baggage handling facilities – in these cases, passengers may need to handle their own bags when boarding and disembarking from the aircraft.


Renting a private jet is an exciting way to experience true luxury and freedom when traveling. While it may seem intimidating at first, the process of renting a private jet is actually quite straightforward and accessible. By finding a reputable provider and understanding the logistics involved with your trip, you can enjoy all the benefits of private jet travel without any added stress or confusion.

So why not unlock the ultimate freedom on your next journey with a private jet rental? The sky’s the limit!

rent a private jet family adventure

Rent a Private Jet for Unforgettable Adventures

Fly like a VIP: Rent a Private Jet for Unforgettable Adventures

The Ultimate Travel Experience

Are you tired of the hassle and headache of flying commercial? Do you want to avoid long lines, crowded airports, and uncomfortable seats?

Then you might consider to rent a private jet for your next adventure. Not only will it provide unparalleled comfort and luxury, but it also offers privacy, security, and flexibility that cannot be matched by commercial airlines.

Rent a private jet is not just reserved for the rich and famous anymore. With more affordable options available through charter companies and brokers, anyone can experience the ultimate travel experience of flying like a VIP.

My First Private Jet Adventure

paris image charter jet

Last year, I had the opportunity to fly and to rent a private jet for the first time on a business trip to Las Vegas. As soon as I stepped onto the tarmac, I immediately felt like a celebrity with my own personal greeting from the pilot.

The aircraft was spacious with comfortable leather seats and plenty of legroom. As we took off into the sky, I couldn’t help but notice how peaceful it was compared to flying commercial.

No crying babies or chatty seatmates to disturb me – just silence and relaxation as we soared above the clouds. The flight attendants were attentive to our every need, serving us gourmet meals and drinks throughout the flight.

Overall, to rent a private jet made my trip more enjoyable than I ever thought possible. It allowed me to arrive in style without feeling stressed or exhausted from traveling all day long.

From that moment on, I knew that renting a private jet would be my preferred mode of transportation for future adventures. So why settle for less when you can fly like a VIP?

In this article, we’ll explore everything you need to know about renting a private jet for unforgettable adventures – from perks and popular destinations to unusual experiences and safety considerations. Get ready to experience the ultimate travel indulgence!

The Perks of Flying Private

Comfort and Luxury Amenities on Board

One of the most significant benefits of flying and rent a private jet is the luxurious amenities you’ll find on board. Forget squeezing into tiny seats with little legroom – when you fly private, you’ll have plenty of space to relax and stretch out.

Some jets even come equipped with beds, allowing for a comfortable night’s sleep on longer flights. You’ll also find that private jets often offer high-end finishes and top-of-the-line technology, making your flight feel like a true VIP experience.

Customizable Itinerary and Schedule

When you rent a private jet, you have complete control over your itinerary and schedule. This means that you can choose the departure time that works best for your needs, rather than being beholden to the airline’s schedule. Additionally, if your plans change mid-flight, your pilot can make adjustments to your route or landing location without any hassle.

Privacy and Security

Another major perk of flying private is the privacy and security it offers. You won’t have to worry about sharing your space with strangers or dealing with noisy passengers – the only people on board will be those in your group. Additionally, because private jets operate from smaller airports than commercial airlines do, security screenings are typically less invasive and take less time.

Avoiding Airport Crowds and Long Lines

Rent a private jet allows you to bypass the hassle of crowded airports completely. Rather than fighting through throngs of people to check in for your flight or wait in long security lines, you’ll be able to arrive at a small airport just minutes before takeoff – meaning less stress and more time saved overall.

How to Rent a Private Jet

Finding the Right Aircraft for Your Needs

When it comes to renting a private jet, the first step is to figure out what type of aircraft you need. Do you need a small plane for a quick weekend getaway or a larger one for an extended vacation with family and friends?

Once you have determined your needs, you can start looking at the different types of aircraft available. Some popular options include light jets, midsize jets, and large jets.

Light jets are perfect for short trips, while midsize jets offer more space and are ideal for longer flights. Large jets are best for large groups of people or those who need more space.

Booking through a Charter Company or Broker

After choosing an aircraft that suits your needs, it’s time to book your private jet rental. One option is to work directly with an air charter company, which will connect you with operators who have planes available.

Another option is to use a charter broker who has relationships with multiple operators and can provide quotes from various companies. Both options have their benefits; working directly with an air charter company may give you more control over the process, while using a broker may provide access to better pricing.

Understanding Pricing and Payment Options to Rent A Private Jet

Pricing for private jet rentals can vary widely based on factors such as aircraft type, distance traveled, and time spent in the air. It’s important to ask about all costs upfront so there are no surprises later on. Some companies charge by the hour while others charge per trip or per day.

Additionally, there may be additional fees such as fuel surcharges or landing fees that aren’t included in the initial quote. Payment options also vary depending on the company you work with; some require full payment upfront while others allow payment plans or deposits followed by final payment closer to departure date.

It’s important to ask about cancellation policies as well, in case your plans change at the last minute. Overall, renting a private jet can be an incredible experience but it’s important to do your research and understand all aspects of the process before booking.

Popular Destinations to Rent A Private Jet Adventures

rent a private jet adventure

There are few things more exciting than traveling to a luxurious destination in style and comfort. With a private jet, the possibilities are endless. Here are some popular destinations that can be easily reached by private jet.

Exotic Island Getaways

If you’re looking for a tropical paradise, there’s no better way to get there than by private jet. Some of the most popular island destinations include Bora Bora, Fiji, and the Maldives.

These stunning locations offer crystal-clear waters, white sandy beaches, and plenty of opportunities for adventure such as snorkelling or diving. Rent a private jet, you can avoid the crowds and long lines at commercial airports which means less time waiting around and more time relaxing on your own private island escape.

Ski Trips to Exclusive Resorts

crystal clear waters private fly

If skiing is your thing, then you’ll love being able to fly directly to some of the world’s best ski resorts with a private jet. Popular destinations include Aspen in Colorado or Courchevel in France.

With luxury chalets and high-end restaurants at your disposal, you’ll feel like royalty on and off the slopes. Book your trip during peak season so that you can take advantage of VIP access to exclusive events like the Aspen Food & Wine Classic or Veuve Clicquot Polo Classic held annually in New York City.

Wine Tours in Napa Valley or Tuscany

A wine tour through California’s Napa Valley or Italy’s Tuscany region is an experience like no other. Rent a private jet charter service at your fingertips, you can arrive in style at any winery without worrying about transportation logistics.

Taste award-winning wines while enjoying breathtaking views of the vineyards from a private balcony or terrace with a knowledgeable guide by your side. Indulge in gourmet food pairings and get an insider’s look at the wine-making process.

Sporting Events with VIP Access

For sports fans, attending major events like the Super Bowl or Wimbledon is a dream come true. With private jet rentals, you can arrive in style and get access to exclusive VIP areas.

Watch the game from luxury suites, enjoy gourmet food and drinks, mingle with celebrities and athletes, and enjoy perks like expedited entry and parking. No matter where you choose to go with a private jet rental, one thing is for sure: it will be an unforgettable adventure.

Unusual Adventures You Can Take with the option to rent a Private Jet

Chasing the Northern Lights in Iceland

Are you looking for a once-in-a-lifetime adventure that is truly out of this world? If so, consider an option to rent a private jet to chase the Northern Lights in Iceland.

This incredible natural phenomenon is caused by collisions between electrically charged particles from the sun and particles in the earth’s atmosphere, resulting in an amazing display of colorful lights dancing across the sky. When you rent a private jet, you can avoid crowded tours and have more flexibility with your schedule.

Plus, you’ll have access to some of the best viewing spots in Iceland that are difficult or impossible to reach by car or public transportation. You can even opt for specialized tours that include activities like snowmobiling or relaxing in natural hot springs while watching the lights above.

Visiting remote wildlife reserves in Africa

Africa is home to some of the most diverse and stunning wildlife reserves on Earth, but reaching many of them can be challenging due to their remote locations. By renting a private jet, you can easily access these areas and get up close with animals like lions, elephants, giraffes, and more.

Some popular destinations for private jet safaris include South Africa’s Kruger National Park and Tanzania’s Serengeti National Park. Many private charter companies offer packages that include luxury accommodations at exclusive lodges within or near these reserves as well as guided safaris led by experienced park rangers.

Exploring ancient ruins in South America

South America boasts a rich history filled with ancient civilizations and impressive architectural wonders. However, many of these sites are located deep within forests or mountainsides, making them difficult to reach without extensive planning or hiking experience. To rent a private jet though, you can easily visit famous sites such as Machu Picchu in Peru or Tikal in Guatemala.

These sites offer breathtaking views of ancient structures and artifacts that are sure to leave you in awe. Additionally, many private charter companies offer tours with expert guides who can share in-depth knowledge about the history and culture of these amazing locations.

Safety Considerations When Flying Private

book charter flight by the seat

As with any form of transportation, safety should always be a top priority when flying private. While private jets have an excellent safety record overall, it’s still important to consider certain factors before booking your trip.

Regulations and Certifications Required to Rent A Private Jet Operators

First and foremost, you should research the regulations and certifications required for private jet operators. In the United States, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) regulates all aspects of aviation safety, including in the rent a private jets. Look for companies that hold a Part 135 certification from the FAA, which is required for any company offering charter flights.

You’ll also want to research individual pilots’ certifications and qualifications. Make sure they hold a valid pilot’s license, have completed appropriate training programs, and have sufficient flight experience.

Importance of Researching Safety Records Before Rent A Private Jet And Booking

Another key consideration is researching safety records before booking your trip. You can easily find information about a company’s safety history by searching online or checking with industry organizations like ARGUS or Wyvern.

Look for companies that have maintained an excellent safety record over multiple years. It’s also worth asking potential charter companies about their maintenance practices and procedures.

Find out how often their planes are inspected and serviced, as well as who performs this work. Ultimately, taking these steps will help ensure you book a safe and enjoyable private jet experience.


Traveling on a private jet is an experience like no other. It offers the perfect opportunity to explore new destinations and create unforgettable memories with loved ones. The comfort, privacy, and flexibility that come with renting a private jet make it an ideal option for those who value their time, comfort and security.

To recap the main points of this article, to rent a private jet gives you exclusive access to luxury amenities, personalized itinerary options, privacy and security, and the ability to avoid airport crowds. You can fly to popular destinations for leisure or business purposes while enjoying VIP treatment throughout your journey.

If you’re considering to rent a private jet for your next private fly, research is key. Find reputable charter companies or brokers that will help you find the right aircraft for your needs within your budget.

Additionally, always prioritize safety when choosing an operator by looking into their safety records and certifications. Flying on a private jet is undoubtedly an extravagant experience that provides unparalleled comfort and convenience.

Whether you’re planning a romantic getaway or conducting business meetings around the world, rent a private jet makes it possible to travel in style while optimizing your time efficiently. So go ahead – fly like a VIP!


Renting a Private Jet Made Easy

Your Ticket to Exclusive Travel: Renting a Private Jet Made Easy

Introduction – Setting the Scene for Your Next Vacation

Are you tired of the same old routing vacation spots? Do you want to experience something truly luxurious and exclusive?

If so, then renting a private jet for your next travel adventure might be just what you need. Imagine being able to skip long lines at security checkpoints, board your flight on your own schedule, and enjoy all the comfort and privacy you could want.

These are just some of the benefits that come with renting a private jet. But don’t just take my word for it – consider this: when was the last time you had an enjoyable experience on a commercial flight?

Between cramped seats, noisy passengers, and long delays, it’s almost impossible to feel relaxed or comfortable during air travel these days. This is where private jets take place.

Renting a Private Jet Made Easy

Introducing Private Jet Rental as Your Solution to Exclusivity

Renting a private jet is an excellent way to ensure that your travels are not only comfortable but also exclusive. With access to these types of flights, you can fly in style and avoid all the headaches that come with commercial air travel.

Imagine being able to customize every aspect of your journey from start to finish – from choosing your seat preferences down to selecting specific menus for food and beverage options. In addition to exclusivity, there are plenty of other benefits that come with renting a private jet.

For starters, there’s no need to worry about missing flights or connecting flights since they operate entirely on your schedule. No more showing up hours early just because airlines tell you they require it or getting stuck waiting hours at airports during layovers.

A Brief Look at Some Benefits of Private Jet Travel

Other benefits include no TSA screenings or long lines (unless required by customs), ample space onboard (depending on the type of jet you book), and highly-personalized amenities such as a private restroom or even a shower. You can also bring along as much luggage as you want without worrying about extra fees or restrictions. Overall, renting a private jet is an excellent way to have an exclusive, luxurious travel experience.

And while it may seem like only the uber-wealthy can afford this kind of trip, there are options available that cater to lower budgets. In the next section, we’ll dive into some of the basics of private jet rental and how it works.

The Basics of Private Jet Rental

Private jet on runway

Are you tired of dealing with the hassle of commercial air travel, from long lines and baggage restrictions to missed connections and uncomfortable seats? If so, renting a private jet for your next trip might be just what you need to take your travel experience to the next level.

But what exactly is private jet rental, how does it work, and what types of jets are available for rent? Private jet rental is exactly what it sounds like: you pay to rent a privately-owned aircraft for your exclusive use.

This means that you dictate the schedule, destination, and any other details related to your flight. Private jets are typically smaller than commercial planes and typically carry fewer passengers, making them an ideal choice for individuals or small groups looking for a more personalized travel experience.

There are many different types of private jets available for rent, each with its own unique features and capabilities. Some popular options include light jets (ideal for short trips), mid-size jets (with more space and longer range), super mid-size jets (with even more room and advanced amenities), and large cabin jets (perfect for long-haul flights with larger groups).

When choosing a jet rental company or broker, it’s important to consider factors such as safety record, available amenities on board the aircrafts they offer as well as their overall reputation in the industry. Pricing structures vary widely depending on the type of aircraft rented, distance travelled or even time spent in-flight.

Some companies charge by the hour while others via a fixed price package that includes various services such as catering or ground transportation at either end of your flight. It’s worth noting that there may also be additional fees associated with things like fuel surcharges or landing fees at certain airports.

All these costs can quickly add up though they do give one an idea about just how much one will be required to fork out in order to hire private jet service depending on the route you are flying, the timing, and other factors. Renting a private jet is an excellent way to elevate your travel experience and enjoy unparalleled comfort and convenience.

However, it’s important to do your research and carefully consider your options to ensure that you choose the right type of aircraft for your needs and get the best value for your money. With so many different companies and brokers offering private jet rental services today it’s important to keep in mind that not all of them are created equal.

The Benefits of Private Jet Rental

The Ultimate Convenience

Let’s face it, commercial air travel isn’t exactly convenient. From arriving at the airport hours before your flight to navigating security checkpoints and baggage claim, the entire process can be a huge hassle.

Not to mention the flight itself – cramped seats, crying babies and endless lines for the bathroom are just a few of the joys you can look forward to. When you rent a private jet, all those headaches disappear.

You set your own schedule, meaning you can arrive at the airport just minutes before takeoff. No standing in long lines or taking off your shoes for security!

Plus, once you’re on board your private jet, you’ll have plenty of legroom and space to stretch out and relax. No more being squished into tiny seats next to strangers who elbow their way into your personal space.

Unmatched Comfort

Air taxi serviceSpeaking of comfort – flying on a private jet is like no other experience in the world. Whether it’s a short hop across state lines or an international journey lasting hours or even days, renting a private jet ensures that every moment will be one of ultimate comfort.

Private jets are furnished with luxurious seating options such as plush leather recliners and couches that convert into beds so that passengers can get some much-needed rest during longer flights. Additionally, most jets come equipped with state-of-the-art entertainment systems complete with high-definition televisions or projectors allowing guests to watch their favorite movies or shows in style while onboard.

Private jets also put an emphasis on fine dining through their top-tier catering services which offer customizable menus and exceptional cuisine from award-winning chefs. All dietary restrictions such as veganism or gluten intolerance are carefully considered when designing meal plans for each individual charter resulting in nothing but exquisite gastronomical experiences at every meal.

Serene Privacy

Privacy is another benefit of renting a private jet. When you step onboard, you’re in your own world, free from the noise and distractions of a commercial flight. You can focus on your work, your family, or simply enjoy some peace and quiet.

Private jets are also equipped with soundproofing technology to ensure that outside noise is kept to an absolute minimum so passengers can relax and enjoy their flight. In addition, private aviation affords its passengers the opportunity for maximum privacy through exclusive access to private terminals at airports across the globe ensuring complete discretion for high-profile individuals who require anonymity in order to travel without worry.

Overall, renting a private jet provides an unmatched level of convenience, comfort and privacy that commercial airlines just cannot match. If you value these things and want to experience air travel like never before then renting a private jet is definitely worth considering.

How to Rent a Private Jet

If you’re interested in renting a private jet, the good news is that it’s surprisingly easy to do. In fact, it can be as simple as a few clicks of the mouse. The first step is to do some research on the different companies and brokers that offer private jet rental services.

Look for companies that have a good reputation in the industry, and that have experience working with clients like you. Once you’ve identified some potential companies or brokers to work with, it’s time to start looking at options and pricing.

This is where things can get a little more complicated, but with some help from your chosen company or broker, you should be able to find an option that fits your needs and budget. Be prepared to share details about your travel plans, such as dates, times, and destinations, so that everyone involved has all the information they need to make recommendations.

Things to Consider When Choosing a Company or Broker

When choosing a company or broker for your private jet rental needs, there are several things you should consider. First of all, look for a company that has experience working with clients like you – whether it’s individuals traveling for leisure or business executives needing quick transportation from one meeting to another.

You want someone who understands your unique needs and can provide personalized service. The next important factor to consider is pricing.

Make sure you understand how pricing works for private jet rentals – whether it’s based on distance traveled or number of hours flown – so there are no surprises when it comes time to pay the bill. Don’t be afraid to negotiate prices or ask about special deals – remember, these companies want your business!

Pay attention to details like customer service and safety records. You want a company that will be responsive if something goes wrong during your trip (like bad weather or mechanical issues), and one that has an excellent safety record.

Don’t be scared to ask questions and do your own research before making a decision. After all, when it comes to private jet travel, you want the best of the best.

Insider Tips for Getting the Best Deals

Booking Early

Listen up, folks. If you’re serious about renting a private jet, then you need to start planning early.

The earlier you reserve your plane, the better chance you have of getting a good deal. Don’t wait until the last minute to start looking, thinking that you’ll find some sort of magical deal that will save you hundreds or thousands of dollars.

It doesn’t work that way. Think about it: private jets aren’t like commercial airlines with dozens of flights per day running on set schedules.

Private jets are rented out on a first-come, first-served basis–and they go fast. So if you have specific dates in mind, then it’s best to start looking as soon as possible to increase your chances of finding something within your budget.

Being Flexible with Dates and Times

Here’s another insider tip for all my savvy travelers out there: be flexible with your dates and times! This may seem obvious, but I can’t stress how important it is when it comes to private jet travel.

The more flexible you are, the more options you’ll have–and the more likely it is that you’ll be able to find a great deal. Let’s say that you want to fly from New York City to Los Angeles during the second week of August.

That’s a popular time for travel–which means higher prices and less availability for private jets. But if you’re willing to adjust your schedule even by just one or two days–you can open up a whole new pool of options in terms of pricing and availability.

Using Membership Programs

For those who plan on frequently renting a private jet (lucky ducks), joining membership programs can offer significant benefits in terms of savings and convenience. Some membership programs offer discounts on flights, reduced fees for last-minute bookings, and access to exclusive events and experiences. Plus–if you’re part of a membership program–you won’t have to go through the hassle of finding a new company or broker every time you want to rent a jet.

Of course, joining a membership program isn’t always cheap–but if you plan on using private jets regularly, the investment can be well worth it. Just make sure to do your research and pick a program that aligns with your travel needs and budget.

Niche Subtopics: The Little-Known Details About Private Jet Travel

The Hidden Costs

While renting a private jet may seem like the ultimate luxury experience, there are hidden costs that many people don’t realize until it’s too late. Yes, you’ll have the convenience and luxury of flying on a private plane, but be prepared to pay for every little detail. Want snacks or drinks onboard?

That’s an extra cost. Need to change your flight time or destination?

Get ready to fork over some more cash. And let’s not forget about fuel costs which can run into thousands of dollars depending on the distance traveled.

The Realities of Customs and Immigration

One aspect of private jet travel that is often overlooked is customs and immigration procedures. While it’s true that you’ll avoid long lines at commercial airports, you’ll still need to go through customs and immigration procedures when traveling internationally. And while these processes are typically faster for private jets than commercial flights, they can still take up valuable time during your trip.


Renting a private jet may seem like the epitome of luxury travel, but it’s important to consider all aspects before making the decision to book one. From hidden costs to customs procedures, there are several factors that can impact your experience in unexpected ways.

However, if you have the means and desire for exclusive travel experiences without any hassle whatsoever then renting a private jet might be perfect for you! With careful planning and knowledge about these topics discussed above plus many others we didn’t cover here such as safety regulations or noise pollution concerns – anyone can enjoy this luxurious way of traveling with ease!

private jet by the seat

Best Private Jet By The Seat

How to Book a Single Seat on a Private Jet The Ultimate Guide

Are you looking for a luxurious and convenient way to travel but don’t want to commit to booking an entire private jet? Booking a private jet by the seat may be the perfect solution for you. In this article, we’ll explore the best ways to book a single seat on a private jet

Private Jet Seat Booking:

Private jet interior

The first step to booking a single seat on a private jet is to find a reliable private jet charter company that offers this service. Many private jet companies provide seat booking options for individuals who do not require an entire aircraft.

Private Jet Shared Charter: 

Shared charter is a cost-effective way to book a single seat on a private jet. In a shared charter, you share the aircraft with other passengers who are traveling to the same destination.

Private Jet Seat Reservation: 

Reservation of a single seat on a private jet is similar to booking an entire private jet. You will need to provide details such as your departure time, destination, ​​and the number of passengers traveling with you.

Private Jet Single Seat Booking: 

private jet by the seat

Many private jet charter companies offer single-seat booking options that allow you to book one or more seats on an existing private jet flight.

Private Jet Empty Leg Seats: 

book charter flight by the seat

Empty-leg seats are unsold seats on private jets that are flying to their next destination without passengers. Booking an empty-leg seat is a cost-effective way to travel on a private jet.

Private Jet Seat Sale: 

Private jet companies often have sales on single-seat bookings, so keep an eye out for special promotions and deals.

Private Jet Seat Availability: 

private jet by the seat
Modern interior of the long-range business jet.

Check the availability of single seats on private jets by contacting a private jet charter company. They will be able to provide you with information on available flights and seat options.

Private Jet Seat Finder: 

Use a private jet seat finder tool to help you locate available single seats on private jets. These tools often allow you to search for flights by destination, date, and a number of passengers. Private Jet On-Demand Seat: Many private jet companies offer on-demand seat options, which allow you to book a single seat on short notice. This is a great option for individuals who need to travel urgently.

Private Jet Seat Booking Platform: 

Some private jet charter companies have online booking platforms that allow you to book a single seat on a private jet directly through their website.

Private Jet Seat Booking App: 

You can also book a single seat on a private jet using a mobile app. Some private jet companies have developed apps that allow you to search for available flights and book your seat directly from your smartphone.

Private Jet Seat Booking Service:

Las Vegas to Seattle mao route

Private jet seat booking services are companies that specialize in finding and booking single seats on private jets for individuals. These services can save you time and hassle by handling all the details for you.

Private Jet Seat Rental:

In addition to booking a single seat on an existing private jet flight, you can also rent a private jet seat for a specific trip.

Private Jet Seat Sharing:

Air taxi service

If you’re traveling to the same destination as other individuals, consider sharing a private jet with them. This is a great way to split the cost of a private jet and book a single seat at a lower cost.

Private Jet Seat Booking Website:

Private jet seat booking websites provide a platform for individuals to book single seats on private jets. Private jets have long been the epitome of luxury and exclusivity. In the past, they were reserved for the wealthy and famous, but with the advent of new technologies and changing market trends, private jet travel is becoming increasingly accessible to a wider range of people.

One of the latest trends in private jet travel is the ability to book a seat on a private jet, rather than having to charter the entire aircraft. This means that you can enjoy all the luxuries of private jet travel, without having to pay the full cost of hiring an entire plane.

If you’re looking for a luxurious, comfortable, and hassle-free way to travel, booking a private jet by the seat is an excellent option. And with prices as low as $1600 from Miami to New York and from Las Vegas to Los Angeles, it’s also more affordable than you might think.

Charter Flight Book by the Seat Miami to New York

Teterboro NJ to Ft lauderdale map route

Flying from Miami to New York is a popular route, and booking a private jet by the seat makes it even more convenient.

You’ll avoid the crowds and long lines at commercial airports and be able to relax in a comfortable, private setting.

One of the biggest advantages of booking a private jet by the seat is the flexibility it provides. Rather than having to adjust your schedule to fit in with commercial flight times, you can choose the time that suits you best. This means you can arrive at your destination feeling fresh and ready to take on whatever the day has in store.

Prices for a private jet by the seat from Miami to New York can vary depending on the aircraft, time of day, and day of the week. However, with prices starting at $1600, it’s a luxury experience that’s more accessible than ever before.

Private Jet By The Seat Las Vegas to Los Angeles


Another popular route for private jet by the seat flight is from Las Vegas to Los Angeles. This route is perfect for anyone looking to travel in style and comfort, whether you’re heading to LA for business or pleasure.

The convenience of booking a private jet by the seat is particularly appealing on this route, as both cities have busy airports with long lines and crowds. By booking a private jet by the seat, you’ll be able to avoid all of that and enjoy a stress-free travel experience.

Prices for a private jet by the seat from Las Vegas to Los Angeles can vary, but with prices starting as low of $600, it’s a luxury experience that’s within reach for many people.

In addition to the popular routes from Miami to New York and from Las Vegas to Los Angeles, there are many other major cities where you can book a private jet by the seat.

Here are thirteen cities where you can enjoy the luxury of private jet travel without having to charter the entire plane:

  • New York
  • Los Angeles
  • Miami
  • Ft Lauderdale
  • Chicago
  • Huston
  • Dallas
  • Atlanta
  • Boston
  • Washington D.c 
  • Seattle
  • Denver
  • San Francisco

No matter where you’re traveling to or from, there’s likely a private jet by-the-seat option available to you. Whether you’re looking for a more luxurious way to travel for business or simply want to treat yourself to a special experience, booking a private jet by the seat is an excellent option.

When booking a private jet by the seat, you’ll enjoy all the amenities that come with private jet travel, including spacious seating, personalized service, and often, gourmet catering. You’ll also have the flexibility to choose the time that works

best for you, and avoid the crowds and hassles that come with commercial air travel.

airtaxi passengers

Find The Perfect Charter Flight Air Taxi Service to Get You Wherever You Need To Be

It’s not always easy to find the perfect air taxi flight that will get you to your destination on time. With charter flights air taxis services from charter air service, we make it easy for you to get where you’re going without any hassles or delays. We offer private charter fares so there’s no waiting around for others to board, and our fleet of planes is tailored specifically for each passenger personal journey. Whether you need a one-time air taxi flight or ongoing air taxi charter aircraft service, charter jets air is here to help!

Do you need to fly somewhere but don’t want to deal with the hassle of commercial airlines?

Charter flights air taxis are for passengers who want a more personalized flight experience. You can choose your own departure and arrival times, as well as the location of those airports. You’ll also have access to amenities like WiFi, food service, and in-flight entertainment options that you won’t find on a commercial flight.


With charter flights air taxis services from charter Jet Airlines private jets, we make it easy for you to get where you’re going without any hassles or delays. We offer private jet charters so there’s no waiting around at an airport terminal before boarding your plane; just show up at the FBO ” Fixed Base Operator executive terminal 15 minutes before take-off time and we’ll whisk you away! Private jet charter is perfect if you’re traveling with a group of friends or family members because they allow an individual or large groups of passengers per flight – making them great for weddings or other celebrations!

Air Taxi Services

Charter flights air taxi service offers the perfect solution! With charter jet airlines flights, you can fly at your convenient and on your schedule. You don’t have to wait in long lines or deal with the long lines of commercial airlines or airport to travel. And when you book an early charter flight aircraft air taxi, you’ll be able to choose from one of many types of private plane aircraft that will suit your air flight trips needs best.

Booking a charter flight air taxi one way or round trip is easy! Just call us today for more information about our amazing private aircraft prices and flexible scheduling options. We’re looking forward to helping make planning an upcoming flight trip easier than ever before!

How much does an air taxi cost?

Flying is a privilege that many people take for granted. Despite the high cost, air taxis are becoming more and more popular as they provide an experience like no other. However, air taxi prices can vary greatly depending on how many hours you fly and the type of aircraft you choose to fly in. This blog post will explore some of these variations in pricing so that you know what to expect when booking your flight!

How Does Air Taxi Service Work?

search airport

Booking a private plane air taxi for your next flight trip is quite simple. The 3 steps process to book your flight experience on our website

Step 1:

Fill the air taxi flight request form enter your departure airport and arrival airport date of departure, amount of passengers, select one-way or round trip, hit next. Fill in your personal information, your first and last name, email, and phone hit search

Step 2:

You will receive a confirmation email of your air taxi flight request from us, and you will provide a list of private plane air taxi service quotes that are able to fly you from your departure airport and back at the date requested

Step 3:

Sign the reservation documents and make the payment.

About Charter Jet Airlines Private Jets Air Taxi

Charter Jet Airline air taxi is a private plane charter air taxi booking service that can get you to any destination swiftly and efficiently. Charter Jet Airlines air taxi business class offers fast, and affordable pricing for private plane chartering services with our on-demand aircraft fleet. The company believes in providing a simple cost-effective way to fly privately by air and offering an experience that is as easy as ordering takeout from your phone.

To provide safe, dependable, and efficient flights cost to our passengers. A company that provides the best air taxi service and low cost in the aviation industry with a commitment to customer satisfaction.

With Charter plane air taxi, you can get your business to its destination quickly and without hassle. We offer a variety of aircraft for charter flights all over the world at competitive prices with no delays and little waiting time. Whether you are flying from Miami to Toronto or Los Angeles, we have the right aircraft to fit your trip.

With Charter Jet Airlines Air Taxi You Can:

Air taxi service
  • Book charter jets air taxi travel online 24/7
  • Get instant air taxi quotes online
  • Compare prices instantly
  • check air taxi travel availability instantly
Charter Air

Get AirTaxi

Booking a private jet is as easy as 1-2-3. Just click the get air taxi button, enter your travel details and get instant quotes from our worldwide network of air taxi operators. We’ll find you the best price for your next flight on a private aircraft.

Midsize jet cessna citation Latitude

Citation Latitude

The Citation latitude

The Cessna citation latitude is the newest Citation Latitude mid-size business jet model and is one of the fastest-growing aviation companies in America. One reason for this success is that their commitment to providing exceptional service and attention to detail has not wavered. Their goal is not only to provide high levels of customer satisfaction but also an unmatched level of safety for all customers who

In this blog post, we will explore Citation Latitude history and share some insights into how they have become so successful!

About Cessna Citation Latitude?

The Citation Latitude is a mid-size business jet charter produced by Pratt Whitney Canada. The corporation was established in early 1928 and has been in the charter business for the past 90 years. They have been involved in aviation, aerospace, and defense industries for many decades now. In the past decade, the mission has expanded its operations to include building aircraft engines as well as producing components of military tanks. With all this experience under their belt, it’s no wonder that Pratt Whitney Canada is considered one of the leading producers of business jets today!

Cessna Citation Latitude Specifications

The Citation Latitude is a mid-size business jet aircraft from the Cessna Citation family released in 2015. The plane seats 8 passengers spacious cabin with a maximum range of about 5,278 km/ 2,850 nm when fully fueled and has an average cruising speed of 826km/h but can top out at a cruise speed of 814 km/h!

Citation Latitude

Aircraft interior

Cabin Width: 6.5 feet
Cabin Height: 6 feet
Cabin Length 21.9 ft
Cabin volume: 100 cu ft
Baggage Capacity: 127 cu ft

Aircraft exterior

Exterior Height: 200.11 ft
Wing Span: 72.4 ft
Length 62 ft 3

Aircraft Distances

Takeoff Distance: 3580 ft
Landing Distance: 2480 ft

Aircraft Performance

Cruise Speed 446 kts
Avionics: Garmin G5000
Touch Screen Control Panels
List Price: 15.3 M (2018-19)

Aircraft Range

Maximum Range: 2850
Ceiling: 45000 ft
Long Range Cruise Speed: 423 mp/h

Crew and Pilots

Pilots: 2
Passengers: 8-9

Weight Operational control

Maximum Payload: 2544LB
Max Takeoff Weight: 30800LB

Cessna Citation Power Plant Engines

Engines manufacture: Pratt and Whitney
Engine Modal: PW306D1

Citation mid-size Business Jets

The Cessna Citation Latitude midsize jet is a great option for maximum comfort for charter flights. It is a mid-size aircraft jet and can travel from coast to coast at maximum range with ease, giving you the opportunity for some short hops before your destination. For many owners/passengers of Cessna Citation Latitude aircraft, their midsize expectations needs for flight options were met by the aircraft efficient flight.

Flight Range and Runways For Citation Latitude?

The Cessna Citation Latitude aircraft jet has a maximum rank of 2850 nm, which is the same as a Citation XLS+ jet. It also has two runways in Canada.

The Latitude’s runway length is about 9000 feet (2743 meters) on Runway 15R, and its maximum takeoff weight can be up to 12,500 pounds (~5541 kg). It cruises at Mach 0.80

The Interior Of Aircraft

The interior design of the Cessna Citation Latitude jet charter is one way that Cessna Citation Latitude has made sure to keep their customers/passengers happy. The cabin’s outstanding level of comfort starts with a flat floor system that combines carpet, leather and chrome-plated aluminum panels for an opulent yet durable feel. At 84 inches tall, passengers able to stand up in the cabin with ease. Couple this with a seat width of 24 inches and you have an enjoyable flight experience for all passengers aboard Cessna Citation Latitude jets charter.

Citation Latitude Aircraft

If you’re looking for a midsize jet, the Cessna Citation Latitude is one of your best class-leading performance options for charter. The Cessna Citation Latitude has all the features of a larger aircraft but with less noise and more space. It also offers an excellent price point that makes it perfect for any budget.

With its low operating costs, this aircraft will save you money on fuel and maintenance while still providing plenty of room to travel in style. You won’t find another aircraft like it on the market today!

How to Hire Your next Charter Jet Flights

We offer a wide variety of services for managing aircraft, from worldwide usage to on-demand needs. Our experts are here to answer any questions you may have about choosing the right private jet and making the best possible travel plans for your team or yourself. From corporate jets to public shuttles, we provide options that can be tailored toward your specific comfort level! We want you to rest assured knowing that we won’t gouge you with last-minute booking fees or tack on hidden service charges. Get in touch today if you need help picking out an option that is perfect for your airport size and schedule needs!

Embraer phenom 100

Embraer Phenom 100

Hire Embraer Phenom 100 Private Charter

phenom 100ev

The Embraer Phenom 100ev, an Overview Summary

The Embraer Phenom 100 is a private aircraft with an innovative design that sets it apart from other small jets on the market. It has a sleek, modern appearance and offers seating for up to 6-7 passengers. The Embraer Phenom 100’s cabin is also much more spacious than some others aircraft, making it perfect for those who want plenty of legroom when flying high in the sky.

How many seats does a Phenom 100 Passenger Cabin Interior have?

The Embraer Phenom 100ev is an aircraft jet that offers the best in safety, comfort and performance. It seats up to six passengers with two crew members and has a range of 2,200 nautical miles (4,000 km). The small jet Embraer Phenom 100ev can fly at speeds up to 450 knots (813 km/h) and its cabin altitude is set at 8,500 feet (2.6 km), which means it’s perfect for short-haul flights. There are many other options when it comes to entry-level jet charter but if you’re looking for something safe, comfortable and fast then this could be your best bet!

The Phenom 100 Very Light Jets Aircraft Feature

CrewSingle pilot operationsRange1,178 nmi
2,180 km
Passengers4-7Cruise465 mph
ManufacturerEmbraer Pratt & White Canada
Top Speed537 mph (Mach.70)Baggage Capacity70 cu ftModelPhenom 100

Embraer Phenom 100 Entry Level Price & Performance

Phenom 100 private jet aircraft

The Embraer Phenom 100 is an entry-level aircraft that offers the best of both worlds: a jet aircraft with excellent cost to charter. The cost to charter an Embraer Phenom 100 very light jet starts at around $2,500 an hour* and will vary based on year of make/model (100/100E/100EV), aircraft schedule, flight routing, passenger totals, baggage amounts, and more. Below you’ll find details for the Embraer Phenom 100 such as pricing information, cabin configuration specifications, and performance specs.

There are many reasons why people choose small aircraft over larger business jets when it comes to flying privately. One reason is that they don’t have enough passengers in their group or company for

Phenom 100 General Overview

Single crew:Single pilot operationHight: 14.3 feet
Capacity:4-7Payload:1,664 (557Ib full fuel)
Length:42.1 feetMTOW:10,582 Ib (4,800 kg)
Wingspan:40.4 feetAvionics Embraer:Prodigy Touch flight deck
Embraer phenom 100 by Pratt Whitney Canada

Phenom 100 Specs

Maximum Speed537 mph Mach .70
Cruise Speed466 mph ( 750 km/h )
Maximum flying range1,178 NMI
Ceiling41,000 feet
Runway3,200 takeoff distance and 2,430 feet landing distance
Thrust1,730 Ibf takeoff thrust
Embraer phenom 100

Phenom 100 interior cabin width

4-7 Passengers seatsCabin Height: 4.11 feet
Optional side facing seatCabin Length: 11.0 feet
Baggage Space: 70 cu feetCabin Width: 5.1 feet
Embraer Phone 100

The Embraer Phenom 100 Light Jet: Book Your Next Flight with Extra Space

In the world of small aircraft, there are few entry-level jet aircraft that can compare with the Phenom 100 Embraer. This sleek and stylish jet has all the luxuries you need to make your flight as comfortable and enjoyable as possible. It also comes equipped with a host of safety features to keep you feeling safe at all times. If you’re interested in booking yourself a flight on this luxurious light jet, then take a look at our blog post for more information!

You deserve the best in safety, comfort and performance.

The Embraer Phenom 100 aircraft offers the best in safety, comfort, and performance. There are many other aircraft model options when it comes to private jets but if you’re looking for something safe, comfortable, and fast then this could be your best bet!

With its spacious cabin, high-quality leather seats, and entertainment system, you won’t find anything more luxurious than this on any other aircraft out there. And since it flies faster than most planes on the market today, you’ll get where you need to go even quicker!

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Frequently Ask Questions

empty leg flights

Empty Legs On private Jets

What is empty leg charter flights?

Empty legs on Private jets charter aircraft are a great way to travel. You can fly in luxury, relax with drinks and snacks, or get productive with free WiFi accesses on board. The empty leg flight prices offers an even better deal opportunity to fly private. But what is an empty leg flight? And how do you book one? In this blog post, we will answer these questions so you know everything about empty leg flights and how they work as well as the benefits of flying private!

How do empty leg flights work?

Empty Legs On private Jets

Empty leg flights are becoming more and more popular in the private jet industry. This is when a flight of private jet has been scheduled to fly on a one-way and the return of the private jet to its original departure airport is empty. Anyone can book these empty leg flights, with the most popular reasons being because passengers want an affordable way to save money and enjoy luxury of private jet aircraft travel. Below we’ve put together how empty leg flights become available so you understand this new trend in aviation!

How much does an empty leg air charter flight cost?

Private jet flights are could be expensive, and you need to pay for the whole aircraft even if only one or two passengers flying.

It’s true that empty legs aren’t as common as one-way flights, but they do happen all the time in most major cities around the world. You just need to know where to look! We help you find them using our global network air carriers aircraft flight software so that you don’t have to waste your precious time searching for a deal on your own. Our technology allows you to search and booking flights more efficiently than any other air charter service out there, which means we’ll be able to get you a great price on an empty leg faster than anyone else!

How cheap are empty leg flights?

The price of an empty leg flight depends on the private jet charter size and route. To understand it better, let’s select a typically charter aircraft destination example from NY to Miami. The price of a regular charter aircraft price on a light private jet travel cost estimate starting at $12,000

Now if we take the above private jet charter travel scenario with the exact type of private jet route, the cost estimate of the empty leg charter aircraft starting at $5,900

The Pro and cons of booking empty legs flights

Empty leg flights have both advantages and disadvantages. Before you book an empty leg charter aircraft, Here are some of the pros and cons you should know.

Empty legs become available when one-way flights are booked and the aircraft needs to repositioning to return back empty for the next booking.

An empty legs on private aircraft is available in minutes with short notice, and some offer a large discount of up to 75% off from a regular private jet flight.

  • Save Up To 75%
  • Last-Minute Deal
  • Price Is Flexible
  • No TSA Transportation Security Administration 
  • No Cancellations
  • Limited Flight Trip Route Availability
  • Fixed One-Way Empty Legs Flights Only.
  • Date and Time Have Scheduled No Flexibility

How do you find an empty leg on a private jet flight?

empty legs flights

With our state-of-the-art empty leg aircraft booking technology system you will be able to search and book empty legs flights with just a few clicks of a button. We have partnered with the largest private aviation air carrier and operator companies in United States, Canada, and Europe. With our booking system, you will be able to search by price, flight destination that best suits your travel needs.

The Benefits of Using Charter Broker Services For your Next private jet flight

Charter jet airlines can help you save time and money. When you use a private jet charter broker, we will find the best prices for your flight in one of our many databases to ensure that you get the best deal possible. There are several benefits to using Charter Broker private jet charter services for your next private jet flight.

If you goal is:

  • No airport fees
  • No Hiden fees
  • Access to executive airport
  • No membership fees
  • Save time by finding good deals on empty leg
  • Get empty leg aircraft alerts right to your inbox
  • Get access to the best discounted empty leg flights that are available today
  • Multiple aircraft air carriers quote options for maximum saving your flight trip
  • Save money booking from our direct air carrier partner aircraft network
  • Book trips in seconds with no hassle, this is perfect for last-minute travel trip discounted

Everything You Need to Know about How To Access Best Deals of Empty Legs Flights

best aircraft selection

You’re tired of dealing with the hassle and stress of commercial airlines. You want to travel in style, but you don’t have time to plan your own charter aircraft trip.

Imagine being able to fly privately whenever you want, without having to worry about scheduling or planning a flight yourself. Charter Jet Airlines will take care of everything for you – from booking the plane, arranging ground transportation at both ends, and even catering meals if requested. All this can be done online 24/7!

Charter Jet Airlines is an online service that allows you to book aircraft flights on demand using their website. They’ll arrange everything for you so all you need to do is show up at the airport ready for takeoff

Do you want to find the best deals on private flights?

The best way to access the most available empty leg listing is to search for the major city executive airport that private aircraft operate to departure and arrival. Miami, New York, Georgia, LA, Las Vegas airport is only a few to name. You can also use our form, which will show you all of our aircraft options in one place! We have a variety of aircraft flight times and prices so there’s something for everyone.

We offer the lowest aircraft rates possible with no hidden fees or charges. Our goal is to make it as easy as possible for passengers like you who are looking for the best flight option without having any hassle at checkout. And we’re always adding a new airport so stay tuned! Action: Click this ad right now and book your next trip today!

Get an Extra Saving Up to 65% Discount On All Empty Legs Flights

Save money, the next time you need a private jet charter aircraft, make sure to book with us. We offer the best prices on empty leg flights and can provide an extra saving of up to 65% off on all of our fast, reliable, global network air carriers private jet flights. Get in touch today for more information about how we work or take advantage of this amazing empty leg deals special!

Aircraft Operator

Air Charter Service

Air Charter Service

Are you an air charter service business traveler who needs to travel on demand? Do you want the best prices possible for your next private charter flight? There are many ways to find great charter plane deals, but air charter service is one of the most cost-effective options. Your perfectly optimized content goes here! Your perfectly optimized content goes here!

Why Select Air Charter Service For Your Next Flight?

Air charter service

It can be difficult to find a direct air carrier private charter flight that is both affordable and convenient.

Air Charter Service offers private jets charter flights from any location in the world, so you don’t have to worry about being stranded at an airport far away from your final destination.

Air Charter Service is a full-service travel provider that arranges aircraft operator charters for individuals as well as companies and organizations around the world. We offer competitive aircraft charter prices on both domestic and international flights so our customers always get great deals when they book with us! To learn more about how we can help keep scrolling down.

Top 7 Benefits of using Direct Air Carrier

Aircraft charter

When you need to fly somewhere but are reluctant to do so because of the price, aircraft charters are perfect for you. We provide several benefits that make it worth your money and time. With air charter service global coverage air charter broker, you will save on flight costs while still being able to enjoy your trip! Here are seven reasons why using an air charter service is beneficial:

You can choose exactly where you want to fly
They provide first-class aircraft charter travel at coach prices
It’s safer than flying commercial airlines
Wide range of air charter aircraft selection
Air charter service operator or a direct global coverage
The pilot will fly according to your needs and schedule
You get VIP treatment without having to pay more than anyone else

Wide range of Aircraft and Direct Air Carrier Selections

Largest aircraft charter companies
aircraft parked in the hangar

If you are looking for a charter companies or air charter service, then look no further than Air Charter Service. With a wide range of aircraft and direct air carrier selections, we have the perfect solution for your transportation needs. We offer flights to destinations all over the world, and our rates are competitive with other aircraft operator/air carrier in the industry.

Best Private Jets Size And Type For Your Trip?

Do you dream of taking to the skies in a private jets? If so, then it is important that you know what type is right for your needs. When choosing between aircraft types and sizes, there are many factors to take into consideration. We have compiled this guide as an introduction to private jet air carrier and how they can work for you! Read on below to learn about different size options, how much they cost, and more!

private aircraft charter
  • Very Light Jet: These aircraft are generally smaller jets with room for anywhere from 1-4 passengers.
  • Light Jets have room for up to 8 passengers there are most used by air charter carrier.
  • Midsize Jet: These aircraft seat up to 8 passengers and has great short to mid-range plus offer a large cabin space
  • Super midsize jets These aircraft seat up to 10 passengers and offers maximum mid-range for those who need more cabin space.
  • Heavy jets These aircraft seat up to 13-17 passengers and is the most popular private jet size for those who want maximum range

Hire A Private Jet Charter For Your Next Trip

Charter jet airlines provide large aircraft access to travelers who looking for a more luxurious and convenient alternative than regular air travel. Travelers can select from a wide range of aircraft operators by simply typing in their destination information on our flight request form! Our trusted aircraft air charter service partner via our network will get you the best and the lowest private jet charter prices in minutes.

With us, you will:

  • Save your time and money with the best air charter service provider
  • We have a fleet of airplanes ready to take you where you need to be
  • Safe: crews are security vetted and trained, flight plans filed ahead of time
  • Convenient: no waiting in lines for check-in or baggage claim
  • Cost-effective: fits any budget

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private jet to las vegas

Private Jet To Vegas The Ultimate Guide

Las Vegas is a city that never sleeps. With its flashy lights, booming nightclubs, and endless entertainment options, there’s no shortage of things to do in Las Vegas. Whether you’re looking for the best time to visit or want an insider’s guide on what each has to offer, this blog post will prepare you for your private jet trip!

Are you looking for private jet flights to fly into Las Vegas?

We’ve compiled the ultimate private jet charter guide to help you find the perfect private flights for your trip. Whether it’s an executive private jet, a luxury jet charters, or even a small charter flight, we have all of your options covered. You can also read about some of our favorite destinations in Las Vegas and what they offer!

If you want to get there as quickly as possible, take a look at our list of fastest private jet flights from major cities like New York City, Miami, Chicago, Dallas, and Los Angeles. Or if you want something more luxurious with amenities like WiFi and reclining seats, check out one of these top-rated jet charters planes! No matter which option is best for you, we hope this guide helps make your decision easier.

Private Jet LA To Vegas Cost

private jet to vegas
Las vegas private jet

You can enjoy the flight on a private jet from LA to Las Vegas in many different ways. There are many types of private jets available, and the type you choose depends on what your travel flight needs for flying. The most popular private jets are Turboprops, Very Light Jet, and Light Jets. What makes the smallest private jet so unique? It has been said that this type of jet aircraft is best for short-range travel due to its low operate cost.

What Are the Most Common Routes Private Flights To Las Vegas?

There are a number of different private jet flights to Las Vegas routes that can be flown from/to Las Vegas. Some common flights routes are:

  • Private jet Los Angeles to Las Vegas flight
  • Private jet San Francisco to Las Vegas flight
  • Lax to Las Vegas flights
  • Flights To Vegas from Burbank flight
  • Las Vegas to Burbank flights
  • Flight from Burbank to Las Vegas
  • Private jet Las Vegas to Lax flight

Private Jet Charter Flights To Reno Nevada

Reno Nevada is a city in the western United States. Reno is located about 180 miles away from Las Vegas, making it an ideal place for people who want to visit both cities during their vacation. The city has two beautiful lakes and plenty of things to do outdoors. If you are looking for charter flights Reno NV, you can count on us!

Your departure could be on a private jet charter Reno flight from most major airports around the country and world. Booking your private jet charter flights through us will allow you to select among our fleet of jets, which includes anything from two-seat aircraft to large executive private jet charter Reno air charter with space for 50 or more passengers.

What Can You Do In Las Vegas?

There are more things to do in Las Vegas besides gambling, pool parties, drinking and shows. You can spend the day at the second-most famous street in Las Vegas, Fremont Street Experience. While you spend your day there you can see a piece of the Berlin Wall, enjoy the Neon Museum, visit the famous Vegas Vic, or if you are brave enough, swim with sharks at the Golden Nugget.

You can enjoy a never-ending selection of headliners, magic, comedy, tributes and Cirque Du Soleil every day. When you are hungry, you can have dinner at one of the best restaurants in the world. If you want to add fancy restaurants to your Las Vegas experience, Guy Savoy’s at Caesar’s Palace is the perfect choice. And to end your night in style, drink a golden nightcap at Fizz. This cocktail is an extravagant drink made with rose petals, Dom Pérignon and 24K gold.

The weather in Las Vegas is rather hot, especially in the summer, which typically averages in the 80s. The hottest month is July, with an average of 99.99 degrees F. Thankfully, there are plenty of pools and cocktails to cool yourself down in the summer months. In the winter, temperatures are usually in the 40s, with the coldest average in December being 27 degrees. The climate is quite dry all year round, and the annual average precipitation in this city is 4.05 inches.

If you are looking for a concert or a show, the amount of entertainment you can find in Las Vegas is incredible. You can see performances, concerts, and shows of all kinds. Here are some popular choices:

las vegas is the boiling pot of entertainment – don rickles
  • Blue Man Group
  • Donn Arden’s Jubilee!
  • ICE: Direct From Russia
  • Cirque du Soleil
  • Penn & Teller
  • Le Rêve
  • Jerry Seinfeld
  • David Copperfield
  • V – the Ultimate Variety Show
  • Australia’s Thunder From Down Under

Take a private jet to Vegas and enjoy these beautiful experiences that the city has to offer. You can never get bored in this city, and you can be sure that you and your loved ones will create memories that will last a lifetime.

Hotels In Las Vegas

Las Vegas is known for the most luxurious hotels in all sizes and shapes. They provide you a selection of experiences. Complement your private flight with one amazing experience that you can enjoy at the 2-story Sky Villa, at Palms Hotel.

The luxurious hotel from Las Vegas has over 9,000 square feet of extravagant space. Other luxurious hotels that you can visit in Las Vegas include:

ARIA Resort and Casino – ARIA Sky VillasLabel
Bellagio – Chairman and Presidential Suites
Palms Casino – Hardwood Suite
MGM Grand – Skylofts
Caesars Palace – Nobu Villa at Nobu Hotel Label

Casinos In Las Vegas

If you are interested in casinos, Las Vegas is the best place in the world to visit one. There are many casinos to visit here, including my personal favorite:

  • Sahara Hotel and Casino
  • Caesars Palace
  • The fabulous Bellagio
  • Treasure Island
  • Palms Casino Resort
  • Golden Nugget
  • Country Club
  • Flamingo Las Vegas
  • Las Vegas Hilton
  • The Palazzo resort-hotel-casino
  • The Mirage
  • Luxor Hotel and Casino
  • Wynn Las Vegas Resort
  • MGM Grand Hotel and Casino

Golf Courses In Las Vegas

The flashing lights and busy streets can wear you out, so there’s always a chance to go in nature and relax on a golf course. Las Vegas is filled with relaxing golf courses, such as:

  • Cascata Golf Club
  • Desert Rose Golf Course
  • Wolf Creek Golf Club
  • The Arroyo Golf Club at Red Rock
  • Rio Secco Golf Club
  • Red Rock Country Club
  • Bali Hai Golf Course
  • The Legacy Golf Club
  • Dragonridge Country Club
  • Shadow Creek Golf Club
  • Casablanca Golf Club

What is The Main Private Jet Charter Airport Las Vegas?

There are 3 main Las Vegas private jet airports that you can use when you’re booking a private jet charter to or from Las Vegas on a private jet.

McCarran International Airport (KLAS / LAS) – This airport is found 5 miles south from central Las Vegas and is ranked 6th for the number of aircraft movements in the world. The airport has 2 fixed based operators for general aviation needs.

North Las Vegas Airports (KVGT / VGT) -The North Las Vegas Airport location is less than 6 miles NW of downtown Las Vegas. Is the 2nd busiest airport in the metro area. 

Henderson Executive Airport (HND, KHND) – It is located 13 miles S of the Las Vegas central business district.

Private Jet To Vegas Find The Best Price In Minutes Every Time?

Getting a private jet charter flights to Las Vegas for your trip can be the perfect way to start it off on the right foot. There are few better ways of doing so. Private jets flights to Las Vegas provide an unparalleled level of luxury and convenience that can be hard to match when using commercial airlines. You no longer have to worry about carrying around heavy luggage all day or battling crowds at security checkpoints—just hop in on a private jet, sit back, and enjoy the flight experience! Plus, if you plan enough time before flight departure, it may even be possible for us to arrange catering services so that your guests will never want anything during their flight with you.


Gulfstream G650 Charter

Gulfstream g650

The Gulfstream G650 private jet aircraft is the world’s best-known and most desirable business jet. This aircraft has an ultra-long-range, sophisticated avionics suite, and a spacious cabin that will satisfy even the most demanding traveler. The Gulfstream G650ER version offers an increased Maximum Takeoff Weight (MTOW) capability for even longer distances with greater payloads.

The Gulfstream G650 has a maximum cruise speed of Mach 0.925 (approximately 1,200 miles per hour), which allows it to fly from New York City to Tokyo nonstop.

You can enjoy several different types of entertainment throughout your flight on board the Gulfstream G650’s private jet cabin such as movies, television shows, video games or even an in-flight movie theater experience with reclining leather seats

The Gulfstream G650 Business Jet Feature

Gulfstream G650 Interior

  • Spacious cabin max payload 6500LB
  • Ultra long-range cruise 7130 nm
  • Cabin width 8. 6 Ft
  • Cabin height 6.5 Ft
  • Cabin length 53.7 Ft
  • Fly by wire steering system
  • Four spacious cabin sections zone
Gulfstream G650 Interior
Modern interior of the long-range business jet.

G650 Exterior

  • Exterior Height: 25 ft 8 in
  • Wing Span: 99.7 Ft
  • Length: 93.8 Ft
  • Takeoff distance 5,858 Ft
  • Landing distance 4,167 Ft

The world’s most advanced business aircraft, the G650 features a great-flying Gulfstream wing and lightweight design for maximum range. With smarter technology and the fastest speeds ever in a long-range business jet, your flying experience will be enhanced with greater convenience and less time to spend onboard.

It flies fast, without compromising comfort or efficiency. There are four spacious cabins that can carry up to 18 passengers, all-inclusive of crew, which allows passengers more room than other comparable jets! Offering 7,500 nautical miles of unbroken flight at high speed; you’ll enjoy uninterrupted legs from New York to Singapore without landing in between thanks to the large fuel capacity (13,000 pounds).

Gulfstream G650 Charter

The Gulfstream G650’s private jet cabin is designed for the utmost comfort and space with a luxurious at-home feel, customized to meet client needs.

The G650’s cabin has numerous amenities and services. The seats have lots of legroom, a personal touch panel with internet access, and even an on-board chef to prepare meals for you at any time during the flight.

G650 Performance

The performance also defines the Gulfstream G650, a private jet which is capable of covering distances ranging from LOS to more than 13,000 nautical miles at an average speed of Mach 0.85 – 0.925 with only one stop.

Gulfstream G650 Specs

Manufacturer: Gulfstream Model: Gulfstream G650
Classifications: Long RangeOccupancy: 18 passengers plus 2 crew
Speed: Max Speed 516 knotsRange: 7500 nm
Luggage Capacity: 195 cu ftInterior Height: 6.5 Ft
Interior Width: 8.6 FtService Ceiling: 51000 ft

As you step into the cockpit of this sleek Gulfstream G650 business jet, you’ll be able to enjoy cabin amenities that only a fly-in destination can offer. Enjoy in-flight Wi-Fi and an oversized infotainment system for hours of entertainment. Foodservice includes healthy snacks with Kosher dietary options also available!

If it’s luxury travel at a breakneck speed that you’re after, consider booking your next trip on our Gulfstream G650

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Frequently Asked Questions Gulfstream G650

How far can a G650ER fly?

The Gulfstream G650 can fly 7,500 nautical miles

How many passengers can a Gulfstream G650 carry?

The G650 can carry 15-18 passengers plus 2 crew

How much does a G650/G650er pilot make?

The crew pilot of the Gulfstream G650 salary is between $240,000 and $275,000

How fast is a Gulfstream G650?

The max speed of the G650 516 kts

What engines does Gulfstream use?

the Gulfstream G650, there are two engines on each wing. The Rolls-Royce BR725 engines provide thrust of up to 12,500 pound force (57 kN) and can be tilted inwards as well as downwards to suppress engine noise. The Gulfstream 650 has a range of about 18 hours flight time and the cost per hour $5800

FBO meaning Airport at Banyan Air services

What Does FBO Meaning? and Actually How Could It Benefit Your Travel Now?

FBO Meaning?

When you’re looking for a private aircraft rental, you want to be sure that all of your needs are taken care of. Instead of waiting in line and dealing with the crowds, you need to know that a professional crew will take care of you, your aircraft, and all of the services you need.

When you’re about to take off on your next private jet flight, you’ll be given the name of an FBO where you’ll need to go when you arrive at the airport. Your pilot will know what to do, but what about you?

If you don’t know the term “FBO,” here’s everything you need to know about FBO services for your private flight.

What Is FBO?

When a private FBO client lands, they don’t use the same terminal as commercial airline customers. Instead of dealing with the crowds and long lines shared by general aviation and consumer flights, they head for the fixed-base operator (FBO).

The term FBO refers to fixed base operator or a private terminal at an airport designed to service private jet customers and provide them with a wide range of amenities. In some airports, business aviation is an altogether separate airport terminal away from the main passenger terminals.

At smaller airports, the FBO may be a separate pier or other building. While sometimes the FBO is built from scratch by the airport authorities, others adapt existing terminal space and facilities for their FBO.

When flying into smaller or more remote airports, it can be a challenge to find reliable fuel, top-notch hangar facilities, and an excellent ground handling crew. These are all provided by the fixed base operator, which are business operations that have been granted the right by an airport authority to operate on that airport and provide services to the civil aviation community.

Arriving At The Fixed-Base Operator

Private charter customers are given details of the FBO they need to go to when they arrive at the airport. Some of the small private executive airports will only have one FBO, while other FBOS will have two or more; some travelers have a preferred and specified FBO to arrive or take-off from.

When you land at the airport, you will probably be met by the crew pilot of your flight at the FBO who will guide you to your aircraft. The truth is that private flight customers move through the airport much faster than standard business flight customers and will almost always be the first on and off the plane.

Many travelers are in and out of the FBO so fast that they don’t even get to experience the FBO amenities in the first place. They just come in, grab their bags, and keep moving.

FBOs Benefits and Services Offered

FBO airport Parking aircraft jets boca raton
term FBO airport at the Signature air services executive airport

A private jet aircraft is the only way to get to 75% of the country’s airports. Additionally, public airlines can’t fly to smaller airports with shorter runways. Flying private allows you to fly directly into these secluded destinations.

Only private jet travel ensures you have access to the most destinations across the country. With a private jet, you can fly to more places in the United States without wasting time on layovers or alternative transportation. Overall, charter jet travel has access to thousands of airports that public flights don’t have access to. Fewer airline terminals mean less wasted time on flights and more time doing what’s important, even if that means just relaxing at the FBO until your next takeoff.

A large part of FBO services is to provide a comfortable experience for its patrons. That’s why many FBOs support their customers with amenities like wireless internet, light refreshments, and bathroom facilities. Larger or more specialized FBOs offer luxury concierge, hotel rooms, and conference facilities—they want their customers to feel right at home.

An FBO supports a wide range of aeronautical activities: 

  1. Aviation fuel 
  2. Air charter 
  3. Scheduled or nonscheduled flight carrier and support
  4. Pilot training 
  5. Aircraft purchase, management, and leasing 
  6. Jet card membership programs 
  7. Maintenance repair and overhaul services 
  8. Flight training

From a security perspective, the relative ease and convenience of private aviation reduce your exposure risks. Private aviation is typically comprised of less than 10 touch points door to door. And in comparison to a typical public flight, private aviation is much safer with fewer refueling spills, stranded passengers, canceled flights, and unfiltered communication from pilots.

Above-Wing and Below-Wing FBO Service

Private jet aircraft

FBO service is split into two categories, so make sure you know what you’re paying for when you hear different terms.

“Above wing” aviation services include managing flight crew and passengers through customs and immigration process, as well as arranging for flights, hotels, transportation, and catering directly from the aircraft operator. It also includes concierge service for crew and passengers, which is delivering top-notch customer service by arranging for the best amenities and services for your clients.

On the other hand, below-wing service includes luxuries like special aircraft push-back and towing, baggage handling, air taxi, hangar space, aircraft parts, flight crew training standards, bathroom facilities and water services, and fueling coordination, as well as provisioning of GSE equipment, including tow bars, stairs, and ground power units.

International FBO Service Outside Of United States

The FBO concept, which was popularized in New York, United States, and Canada over the past century, has gained popularity around the world.

In Europe, FBOs are essentially the same as they are in the United States. FBOs are the place where pilots park their aircraft, refuel, and receiving.

Several full-service FBOs have emerged in Asia including in Hong Kong and Singapore aviation services. These facilities offer concierge service and in some cases even offer a full-blown chauffeur service, allowing you to travel in luxury anywhere in the world.

Australian base operator FBOs aren’t all that different from their North American counterparts. Landing, parking, ramp services, hangar leasing, and other services are all pretty similar.


The FBO decision is the most important decision to make before arriving at an airport. It’s critical to have all the necessary plans already in place before you land, including flight planning, fuel, ground transportation, and catering.

Book your next private journey with Charter Jet Airlines so you don’t have to worry about your fixed base operator arrangements. We’ll help you make all the major arrangements for your aircraft hangar and concierge service so you can spend more time enjoying your trip in comfort and luxury.

Regardless of your flight’s destination, a personal concierge at the FBO will meet you upon arrival and help you through the entire process. From taking care of all of the paperwork to coordinating your luggage, we take the hassle out of flying private and providing an exceptional user experience.

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Gulfstream jet interior

Advantages of Hiring an Air Charter Flight

Would you like to take your shoes off, play your music loudly or do a cartwheel down the aisle of the plane? All these things are impossible while flying on a commercial plane, but everything’s different when you charter a flight. Booking your flight provides you with the privilege of more than a first-class ride, plus a level of privacy and comfort that no business trip allows. Therefore, the upscale and business people use a private jet for a comfortable and stress-free journey. Although they are costly, the advantages of a charter flight can outweigh the cost.

  • Enjoy total privacy

If you have little legroom, picky on food, easily distracted from others, and cannot sleep in public, your 11-hour flight to Europe will turn miserable upon arrival, a person can end up feeling unprepared for the ultimate destination. However, you may charter a private or business plane and eliminate any distractions by having your own area to catch up on sleeping hours. Tailor your own catering by any special diet and last but not least choose who you fly with, friends or family coworkers or by yourself.

You can get a charter flight to accommodate as little as two or three or as many as 50, depending on the number of people you are traveling with. This means you can sleep without being disturbed, or can talk about business in the confidence of your own airborne corporate office.

  • Flying via executive airports

Some highlighted benefits when flying on a private plane ensure you avoid any airport delays, such as long security lines or checking in luggage. In a commercial flight traditionally you must arrive at least a few hours prior to departure, with Charter companies you may arrive 15 minutes close to taking off. Private aircraft equipped and prepare to serve complimentary refreshments, snacks, soft drinks, and alcoholic beverages. Prior to boarding, you may park your car as close as possible to your charter flight at no charge. Charter passengers enjoy the Fix Base Operator, also known as an executive airport facility such as business conference rooms, lounge, relaxing rooms, and gym. Etc.

  • Pack anything you desire

The privilege to fly with all your baggage, belongings and any cargo you can think of is one of the major advantages of charter flights that can not be unnoticed. Turn the cabin into your own office, you can layout your laptop, briefcase, and as many as you wish plugged-in types of equipment or gadgets all around you with full privacy. Or perhaps you can stash them away, ensuring it secured to land with you.

In some airports Charter flights exempted from TSA security, which allows passengers to be unconcern about packing liquid or checking electronic devices. However, upon reservation, passengers need to provide the weight of cargo and passenger’s weight upon booking.

  •  Convenience is priceless

From now on you do not need to wait for your flight, the opposite is the reality in which the charter plane actually waits for you according to the exact time you reserved the plane for yourself. Running late? simply notify Charter Jet Airlines of any flight modification. You can choose from at least over 5000 executive airports of your own departure/arrival as close as you can get to your ultimate destination. This is priceless.

The benefits mentioned in this blog are some of the most important when chartering a private jet. There are several other benefits, such as stress-free safety, and a higher level of productivity. A charter flight is a standard way of living and by far more luxurious than any commercial flight. Therefore, experience the best journey of your life on a charter flight.

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Things to Consider When Booking Private Jet Flights

Now days many people consider flying in a private jet flight in their life. When one gets an opportunity to fly in a private jet plane, know what to consider before boarding a flight. Private jets offer luxury and comfort to travelers, and you can book them easily as well. Therefore, these flights are worth considering for travelers who prefer to travel to save time, need fast booking, and need last-minute trip, unlike what they get in a commercial flights.

There are many benefits of traveling by a private jet flight, and it helps people travel with no hassles. There is no need to take the stress of booking a scheduled flight when one can book a private plane. It is all about paying towards the service that gives more than what others cannot get. Whether one is traveling for leisure or business, booking a private jet flight is one of the best options you can consider. The interiors of a private jet flight look classy and provide utmost comfort to passengers. Also, people looking to have complete privacy while traveling can consider flying by private jet flights.

First-time travelers can have a unique experience altogether until they reach their destination on a private jet plane. Travelers can know a lot by researching details online. They can get details about different type of aircraft. Therefore, it is essential to consider a few things before booking a flight.

What to Consider Before Booking A Flight?

It is essential to do research on private jet flights and check how they work. Research a few companies and check the booking process by calling a charter broker.

Choosing an airport is another essential thing, and it provides flexibility to travelers no matter where you need to fly. Travelers can choose to travel through small or big airports depending upon the preference. It is essential to pick the nearest FBO Fixed-Base Operator also known as executive airport to board the flight because of the ease of traveling.

You can choose to book a round trip or one way, as it is a cost-effective way to travel. However, when planning to travel for more than a week, it is better to book a private jet flight to save money. It is also essential to book a flight in advance to get the best charter jet deal on bookings.

Choose an aviation company that has access to a fleet of aircraft of all sizes, and they should be able to provide you quotes to all your travel requests if it’s domestic or international flight, long range trip or short one. Distance and carry luggage of any size. Search a company that suits these requirements and gets to know about the company and its certification.

Remember, it commits private jet flight service to ensuring privacy, convenience, and safety to passengers, and it should do that well. Get in touch with a reliable and reputed jet flight call center and know about the facilities they offer along with the price quote. Choose a charter airline that has the highest safety standards to ensure safe traveling. Be 100 percent sure of the company that provides the value of money and offers customer satisfaction.

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Charter Flight as The Best Travelling Option

No mode of travel is safer and more luxurious than a private charter flight. These days, there are a number of companies which enable busy professionals and business travelers to avail these services at reasonably affordable rates. Such flights help to make maximum productive use of the available time during trips.  

Quicker check-ins and quicker transits

As compared to regular flight passengers, individuals boarding a charter flight can check-in to their flights much quicker. At the same time, transit times are also lesser than usual. There are more personalized services here for all the travelers who are hard pressed for time. These relaxing flights are able to relieve their passengers of stress, allowing them to focus better on their respective agendas.

Elaborate fleet options are provided to those who fly by private jets. Several technology-based applications are made available as well, such as instant flight alerts and empty leg availability. It is good to see this area of ultra luxurious travel getting competitive now.

Average flight duration

Chartered jet flights are usually for a period of 2 hours each. One has the option to choose from different prices, which will decide the amenities made available. Such amenities are absent from commercial flights around the world.

Legroom and in-flight entertainment

Passengers will have much more legroom in comparison to regular commercial flights. The cabin interiors will give a feeling of truly belonging there. Passengers can stretch their limbs easily, while enjoying a variety of in-flight entertainment channels and technologies. Such pampering is natural to make any passenger for any challenge that lies ahead in life.

Top reasons to choose chartered flights

All the above reasons are naturally important to state the wonderful flight experience delivered by chartered flights. However, these are not the only reasons; there are others which make the case even stronger.

  1. Tremendous comfort and safety– A person who chooses a chartered flight could either be a leisure or a business traveler. Whatever the case, the safety of each and every passenger is of utmost priority, for which there are special technologies as well.  
  2. Emergencies – Private jet charter companies can be present at emergencies faster than regular commercial planes. They are able to cater to clients from both the private and the government. One can see emergency services in the form of air ambulances being available.  
  3. Family time– Flying in private jets is also a great time to enjoy luxury, comfort, and style with the loved ones. This could be either for a short term or a long vacation. Since the travel time is lesser here, a person reaches home faster than commercial flights.
  4. Very Convenient– There are many US airports that allow private jets to land today. The ban on liquids in 2006 did hurt passengers travelling by commercial flights, but not those on private jets.
  5. Highly experienced crew– Professional crew members are trained well enough to ensure that travel is entirely hassle free

Flexibility– Private jets can be boarded even by planning at the last minute, eliminating the need to decide in advance.

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Know Five Things to Book a Private Plane Charter Conveniently

Going for a business meeting, a trip away with your family, an emergency, your honeymoon, or whatsoever; hiring a private plane charter is something that embodies luxury and class.

There was a time when it was a thing reserved for only a few, but not anymore. From short trips to long ones, private charters are becoming as much popular as any other form of privately hired transportation.

However, is booking a private plane charter so simple? While it may not be rocket science, it isn’t something that you can do so blindly. After all, you have to consider your entire requirements and what the charter company requires from you as well.

So what factors you should keep in mind when booking a private charter? Read on to know more:

2. Travel Necessity

The first one, of course, is your purpose. Do you want to hire it for a business trip, a leisure one, or for an emergency trip? This way, you will also know how far you have to go and for how much time you will need to book that charter place. Identifying your needs help to filter out several aspects and look for, search, and find a charter service that fits your requirement.

2. Cost

While we say that private charter is becoming more and more popular, it remains at a certain level when it comes to a flying fee. Therefore, knowing how much it costs will help you understand if your budget affords you that luxury. Prices are based on several factors, including the type of plane, duration of the flight, length of stay. When consulting about the fees, always ask for any additional charges like for overnight stay, specific food request, or for de-icing.

3. Type of Plane

Your needs, purpose, duration of the flight, number of passengers traveling, luggage requirements all define what type of plane will suit your requirement the best. All of these factors are considered into the overall cost of the flight. Going through this aspect is a necessity before every private charter booking.

4. Advance Booking

Why should you book your plane in advance? One of the main advantages of reserving your flight early is the variety of wide availability of aircraft selections, therefore you will receive numerous charter flight quotes. Booking early is highly recommended for your own advantage.

5. Travel Insurance

Like any other travel mode, insurance for this type of travel should not be overlooked. While carriers will have their usual operator insurance you should take standard travel insurance like you would for any other vacation time.


Apart from the above aspects make sure to look into how will you get to the private plane from your home or place on the day of the flight, will you be allowed any changes of destination or trip extension by the carrier if the need arises, and similar other things specific to your travel when hiring private plane charter.

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Tips to Book a Private Jet Charter

The most common reasons for people to opt for private jet charter is convenience, privacy, and comfort. If you never travelled in this manner before, then you are likely to be confused about the process of booking the jet and save some money too.

In this article, we will share quick tips to help you navigate the world of private flying and how to enrich your experience while you are at it.

Choose the charter company wisely

Different charter companies have different rules and facilities. Therefore, you must choose the private jet charter company wisely. You can start by calling a handful of charter companies and discuss the details about safety rating, pilot’s experience etc. with the charter representative. A trusted service provider will ensure that their staff is able to answer all the questions about their business accurately.

Educate yourself about the options

If this is your first time traveling by an air charter, you must consider educating yourself about the aircraft. It can be helpful to know about the specifications of various air crafts, including the amenities on board, how spacious they are, and what the aircraft looks like. If you want to save money, you may have to forgo certain facilities such as time flexibility or availability of space. But if you want to have the full luxury experience, then it is a good idea to research your options and know clearly what you need.

Select your departure airport

The airport you use to fly out can have a huge impact on the amount of money you pay. Unlike commercial flights, booking a charter gives you flexibility as to where you want to fly from and to. Most cities have a main airport as well as a smaller airport. So, if your departure and/or arrival destination has a small airport, then you can choose to use them to save more money. Therefore, you must ask the professional for their opinion on your arrival or departure airport. They will be able to tell you about available options that end up costing you less while being more convenient.

Consider one-way trip

If your plan is uncertain, then it would be better to book a one-way flight just to give you the flexibility of an extended stay. With a round trip, your charter jet would have to remain grounded until you are set to fly again. This waiting can be a huge cost to the carrier and, by extension, to you. If you hire an experienced charter company, your broker will be able to negotiate one-way deals to help accommodate your needs.

If you and your family want to holiday in ultimate luxury, then booking a private jet will give you that one-of-a-kind experience. Get rid of long queues and airport formalities! Just use the tips discussed above to get the best deal and make the most of the available options to get your money’s worth!

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Hiring a Private Jet for Business Travel? Here are 5 Things you Should Know

Flying via commercial airlines is tedious and tiring. Waiting in long queues at the airport and then crammed seating always takes the fun out of travelling. For people who have to travel around the world for business purposes along with their team of executives, travelling through regular flying means restricts you from any kind of discussions during the travel time.

If you are a frequent traveler, these problems can get really frustrating after some time. Fortunately, now you have the option of flying in something more luxurious and with style, renting a private jet. Unlike earlier times, hiring a private jet was only a luxury afforded by the rich class of the society. But with numerous private jet rental services making their way out in the market, it has become easier and affordable to hire charter planes for ordinary people as well. In the last couple of years, flying on a private jet has become the best and modern way to travel. In fact, there is no better option than riding on a private jet to meet your travel needs.

What Makes Private Jet Better Than Commercial Flights?

Private jet rental services have become easier and affordable means of travel these days, especially for business owners who are mostly on the move. There are many benefits you can enjoy while traveling on a private jet: –

  1. Comfort and Convenience – One of the biggest advantages of hiring a private jet is that it offers the utmost comfort and convenience to its passengers. You don’t have to wait in a long queue as the airport for immigration or baggage claim. Also, there you can fly with complete comfort. Since there are a smaller number of seating available on the plane, you can fly with comfort, without cramping your legs.
  2. Privacy – You cannot expect to have privacy on a public airline unless you are booking a business class which is an expensive affair. It is almost impossible to relax in a public airline when you have more than a hundred passengers traveling with you. But hiring a private jet offers you the privacy and freedom to relax during travel. Also, there are no irritating passengers to bother you. A private jet allows people to travel with ease and style.
  3. Flexibility – When flying by public airlines, you need to manage your time according to them. But when using a private jet, you dictate your time. You can easily choose the departure time as per your convenience as well as the airport you want to fly to. With private jets, there are no hassles of delayed or cancelled flights. You are not restricted by commercial airlines schedule. With private jet services, you can forget all these hassles completely.
  4. Luxury – Private jet rental companies are known to offer luxuries while flying. Moreover, the level of luxury is not defined by classes here. These companies offer drinks and meals as per your taste and style, rather than mass produced food you are usually offered on regular flights.

Make Holiday Trips Easier – Rent Private Jets With Us!

Holiday season is on! However, flying via commercial flights during this season can be an overwhelming and stressful experience. And one of the best ways to avoid these stress and hassles is flying via private jet rentals. When you fly privately, you get several advantages! Whether you rent private jets for short distance trips or planning to fly on a heavy jet to a longer distance, private jets offer you an ease of traveling. Flying with private jet rentals enable you to enjoy a faster, comfortable and utmost safe traveling experience without any security queues, long delays or crowded airport scenes.

Being in the industry for years now, we at Charter Jet Airlines understand how private jets are a great relief for people especially during the holiday seasons. So check out the following reasons on why to rent private jets this holiday season –

  • No More Waiting in Long Queues

As the name suggests private jets are completely private! Private flying involves a limited number of passengers and they will be your loved ones. Fewer people to board flight means less crowd, less time waiting on the ground that happens in case of commercial flights where there are endless lines and hours spent in processing large number of passengers. What makes private jet travels excellent is that you board your aircraft as soon as you arrive at the airport.

  • More Airports can be accessed

When you choose to fly privately you get access to more airports throughout the country and world. You can access the smaller airports for smaller airplanes that are often overlooked or not being used by commercial flights. And the interesting part here is most of the smaller airports are located near to your destinations.

  • Save Time with Shorter Flights

As already mentioned that private jets can land in smaller airports that are closer to your planned destination, hence you get to land more close to your desired city or town. Therefore, you save a lot of time and effort for getting from one location to another.

  • Flexibility is Schedules

With private flights you get an opportunity to get a flexible flight schedule. Private flight times are often adjusted according to your preferences and convenience. For instance, if you need to leave quickly for a business meet then the private airline staffs can schedule your flight accordingly. If weather permits, private aircraft crew schedules the departure as per your convenience.

  • More Personal Services

When you fly privately you enjoy better and a more personal service while in the air. We at Charter Jet Airlines make sure that the our clients enjoy private flying to the fullest and hence we take care of your catering, ground transportation as well as your special requests (if any).

  • Spacious and Comfy Seats

Private jets have spacious and comfortable seats, even beds in some of the planes for making your flying experience pleasant and relaxed. No more seating in a restricted way for hours!

Aren’t private jets a cooler option? So make your holiday a hassle-free and comfortable experience; rent private jets with us today! For more information contact us today at 877-730-0111. You can also write to us at

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Different Types of Private Jets to Choose From

Are you finding it difficult to understand which private jet you should charter for your next trip? Do not worry! We at Charter Jet Airlines being a reputed and experienced air charter service have come with a solution for you.

First of all, check out the things that you need to consider while searching for a private jet. Before you start searching for your ideal private jet you must consider the following things –

·         The seating capacity of the private jet

·         Amount of luggage you will be carrying

·         The distance you expect it to fly without refueling

·         Availability of the necessary amenities

·         Size and height of the jet cabin

It is a fact that when you focus on the carrying capacity of the jet, you will have to compromise on its travel range.

Still confused? Then we have enlisted the different types of private jets available, so that you can choose the one you find suitable for your preferences. Have a look –

·         Very Light Jets

If you are planning for a short-haul distance trip, then the very light jets or compact light jets are the best options. Such jets use shorter runways and are cheaper as compared to their larger counterparts. These jets are ideal for accommodating 4 to 7 passengers comfortably. At Charter Jet Airlines we have Embraer Phenom 100, Eclipse E500, Beechcraft Premier IA and Cessna Citation I in this category.

·         Light Jets

Light jets are mostly preferred by executives for business travels. Such jets are capable of managing 2 to 3 hours flight at ease and are cost-effective options. Up to 8 passengers can be accommodated in this jet comfortably.  We have Citation CJ1/ CJ2, Learjet 31/40 XR, Premier 1, Hawker 400 XP and Citation II/Bravo in this category.

·         Medium Jets

Medium jets are more spacious as compared to the light jet options. Such jets are more fuel efficient and have multiple range options with variable speeds. You can also find a number of luxurious amenities within it that are necessary for a hassle-free flying. These jets can accommodate 7 to 9 passengers comfortably. In this category we have Citation Sovereign, Hawker 800/850/900, Learjet 55/60 and Citation Excel.

·         Super Mid Jets

Super mid jets are more luxurious version of medium jets. Such jets are capable of carrying up to 13 passengers. And these flights have better space, range and speed as compared to medium jets. We have Falcon 2000, Citation X, Bombardier Challenger 300, and Gulfstream G280 in the super mid jet category.

·         Heavy Jets

Heavy jets have large cabins and are extremely spacious flights which can accommodate up to 16 passengers in supreme comfort along with the flight attendants. Such jets usually have first-class seating options with pull-out tabletops and private sleeping areas for utmost comfort. In this category of jets we have Challenger 604/605, LEGACY 600/650, and GULFSTREAM 450/550.

·         Jet Long Range

Long range jets are extremely luxurious flying options with a lot of space for passengers as well as luggage. Such jets come with stand-up cabins and lie-flat beds as well as enclosed bathrooms. Long range jets can accommodate up to 19 passengers comfortably.  These jets are mostly preferred by celebrities and rich personalities. In this category we have FALCON 7X, Global Express, and Gulfstream G650ER.

·         VIP Airliners

VIP Airliners are the most expensive private jets that can boast any sort of amenities you desire to make your travel comfortable. You can find private suites, dining areas and business centers on these jets. With plenty of space for passengers and flight attendants VIP Airliners can have up to 74 seats in it. Our VIP Airliners range includes Boeing BBJ – VIP Airliner and Boeing 757-200 VIP.

If you are looking for “reliable air charter service near me” then do consider our air charter service. To discover more private jet options with us contact us at 877-730-0111 or email us at
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Considerations to Make While Choosing Air Charter Service

Price of private jets often makes people think twice before renting one. However, with the increase in unreliability of commercial airlines, more number of people and businesses are considering air charter service over commercial ones.

Not just because these options are convenient but they also save money and time to a great extent. Because of this there are also numerous air charter services careers option have been generated in last few years.

However, before choosing an air charter service, you need to make a few considerations.

  • Reputation and Customer Service

Private jet charter flights are meant for offering you the comfort and convenience that a commercial flight cannot offer; hence, these flights need to be tailored as per your needs. While choosing an air charter service providing company, check their customer service from the very beginning. A knowledgeable and reputed company will answer your calls diligently, review your options and offer you the service you need at a competitive price. Do spend some extra time on researching on the company’s reputation before finalizing.

  • Market Standing Review

Air charter business has become highly competitive nowadays which has led many businesses to opt for the least expensive option. But besides the pricing you should also consider the market standing of the company. To get a better insight about the reputation of the company in the market and how they meet the needs of the customers you can go through the customer reviews online. You can also consult with your colleagues, or friends who have used air charter services before making any decision.

  • Ask About Problem Handling

Several situations occur when the planes experience mechanical problems which may cause delays. But there should not be any stuck situations. So it is highly advisable to ask the company you prefer about how they handle such problematic situations. They must have a good back up plan to rescue you from such situations. So if a company does not have satisfying answers to your queries or if they charge extra for such situations they avoid hiring them at the first place.

  • Aircraft and Safety Standard Review

A reputable air charter service provider should possess a range of aircrafts of different sizes and capabilities for passenger and luggage capacity. You should choose that company that has the plane of a size that suits your needs perfectly. Do review the age of the plane as well as the crew. Usually older aircrafts are maintained well and are safer as compared to the newer ones. However, they may have fewer amenities! And in order to check the safety standards make sure to consider the experience of the flight crew and maintenance. Also, do not forget to ask for the certification of the company as that is the proof that the company is authorized and legally offers private jet rental services.


Charter Jet Airlines is a leading and dependable air charter service providing company. They provide private jet rentals at the most competitive prices.

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Benefits of Flying With a Group on Private Jets for Rental

The popularity of private jets for rental is growing every year. Being an experienced air charter service in USA, we at Charter Jet Airlines suggest group charter or flying with friends for cost-effective private jet travel.

There are several benefits of flying in a group with friends on a private jet. Let us have a look at these benefits below –

  • Enjoy Discounted Private Jet Charter Empty Legs

The cheapest way to travel with friends is the empty leg flights. An empty leg flight drops the passengers at their destination and returns to its base empty or it flies empty to pick up the passengers from another airport. When you book an empty leg flight in a group you can reduce up to 75% of the regular price of private jets for rental. That is because the price of the discounted flight will be shared by all the group members. Isn’t that cost-friendly?

Also if you are traveling with your family and want to explore the many off-the-map locations of the country or want to enjoy regular weekend getaways for adventurous activities like skiing, scuba diving or hiking, then empty legs are your best bet. As an air charter service in USA we possess a selection of discounted empty leg flights that will make your group and family tours cost-effective and enjoyable!

  • The Jet Card

As more number of people are opting for private jet charter over commercial airlines for experiencing all the comforts of flying on board, convenience of flying even to the remote destinations where commercial flights cannot reach, as well as saving a lot of time for traveling, several interesting things have been added to private jets for rental services.

One of the innovations is the private jet card. A private jet card is your membership card for the air charter service in USA. With this card you can use different aircraft at a fixed hourly rate. It is one of the best ways to save on private jet charter. This way you will be more flexible in choosing the aircraft of different types and have a benefit of shorter callout time for the aircraft. Other benefits of this card include 24/7 availability of flights for your trip, including your accommodation, transfer and tickets.

  • Enjoy Luxury Private Jets without Hurting Your Pocket

When you opt for a group private jet charter, you can save a significant amount especially when you choose an aircraft that best suits your requirements. This way you will have an enjoyable private jet without hurting your pocket and will be completely satisfied with your trip.

For instance if you are flying a short distance, you can opt for a smaller aircraft like very light jets like Eclipse E500 or helicopters that will cost you less. Similarly, for longer cross country trips you can opt for mid-size jets like Hawker 800/850/900. For long distance flying across the USA we would advise you chartering a long range private jet like Gulfstream G650ER. And if you are looking for private jets for rental for large event organizers then you should opt for VIP airliners like Boeing 757-200 VIP or turbo prop aircrafts like Beechcraft King Air C90.

To know more how you can save more on private jets for rental, you can get in touch with us at +1 877 730 0111. Or email at

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Charter Jet: Bypassing Long-hour Waiting at the Airport

Summer is usually a busy period at airports. The fact is that a lot of people need to fly to different places. After all, there are a lot of reasons for booking a flight. Unfortunately, many schedules run at airports. If you end up missing your schedule, you may have to opt for a reschedule. However, you can avoid all of these occurrences when you opt for a charter jet.

Perhaps, you have a business meeting at another country, and you cannot afford to book a public flight. A charter jet is a right option that can hasten your journey through a long-hour flight. On this occasion, here are some of the beneficial highlights of using a charter jet for your regular travel dealings.

1.    Privacy

You wouldn’t want to be sharing confidential matters on a public plane. Therefore, the best way to keep private matters secret is to opt for a private jet. Since information can travel faster than you think, you cannot afford to leak a top-secret to a total stranger. After all, you will have other passengers sitting on the same plane with you. Unfortunately, there is no way a passenger sitting next to you will unknowingly look into your affairs. However, you can check out the charter jet prices if you care about keeping your activities private.

Also, the charter jet cost covers your feeding and some other vital services that are not peculiar to public planes. Ideally, there are certain behaviors you cannot exhibit in a public plane. The fact is that your activities may be a distraction to others while onboard. Therefore, you can avoid a sudden confrontation by using a private jet service.

2.    Flexibility

You cannot expect to jump on a scheduled local flight, especially when you need emergency travel. The fact is that you have to follow the protocol of verifying your flight tickets and essential documents. Fortunately, you don’t have to follow all of these routines when you compare the charter jet cost with a local airline. The fact is that a private flight charter can process your flight at any point in time. Irrespective of the location you are headed, the charter jet prices will always provide you with suitable flight options. Moreover, you have the opportunity to choose your jet based on the charter jet prices.

Finally, flying private is a privilege you can enjoy with a charter jet service. All you have to do is call in today for more inquiries. After all, there are various ways to make your flight exciting and stress-free.

How A Private Plane Rental Can Help You Lessen Jet Leg

Anyone who travel long haul across time zones better know how frustrating and disruptive jet lag can be. Jet lag happens when your circadian rhythm is disturbed and your internal body clock becomes out-of-sync with the environment. It can make you feel anxious, dizzy and fatigued. Relying on which direction you’ve travelled, you may face difficulty in sleeping or even feel really sleepy during the day.

For those who just can’t afford to lose time or energy to experience jet lag, a private plane rental is the best option. There’re many aspects to private jet travel that mean you arrive feeling attuned & ready to get hold of the day.

Absolute flexibility with your schedule:

The flexibility of flying by a private plane allow you to choose precisely when you want to take-off & where from. The ability to schedule your flight times will help as you can plan your timing to lessen the impact of jet lag.

Customized catering:

There’re 2 critical dietary benefits to flying privately. First of all, your on-board menu is customized to best fit your lifestyle & likings. Using only the finest and freshest ingredients, your meals are carefully created to leave you feeling on top of your game. Specially designed with your well being in mind, food prepared in a private jet will offer you all the nutrients you require to feel at your best after your flight land & deal with jet lag.

In second, with exceptional catering, you can take food whenever you want to, fitting meal times in with your arrival. Regulating your meal times to fit your new time zone has been proven to help your body adapt & acclimatized before you even land.

The possibility of rest & relaxation:

Whether you should sleep on your flight or not will rely on the timing & duration. If you’re flying during the night time, sleeping on board will assist you to transition smoothly and offer you the energy to make it through a complete day once you land.

While taking a nap on a commercial plane can be tough, private jets are designed to make sure you have the space & comfort to snooze. Most private planes will have a space that can be converted into comfy sleeping area, so you can relax & rest.

For affordable private plane for charter look no further than Charter Jet Airlines. With us you have access to more than 15,000 aircrafts and choose one that best fits your exact traveling need.

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Common Questions Asked by Our Customers Regarding Private Jet Rentals

Private jet rentals offer a different and exciting flying experience as compared to commercial flights. When you rent private jets, everything gets designed as per your preference and comfort ability to make your trip as efficient, fast, and contented as possible. From the administrative process before and during the flight to movement through the airport, and everything in between is well taken care of.

However, many times, people a variety of questions arise in the minds of people when they plan to book a private jet such as the luggage rules, immigration procedures, pet travel rules, and likewise. So we have answered some of the most common questions asked to us regarding charter private jet requirements by our new customers below.

1. Do they need a passport to charter private jet?

The answer to this question is yes! The immigration process is the same as that of commercial airline flights. However, the process in case of private jet rentals is faster and seamless.

Note: When you are looking for an international flight passport is a must, but if you are traveling for a domestic route then any authorized photo ID ( such as Driving License or ID card issued by the government) can be used instead.

2. Do they need a VISA for private jet flying?

In the case of international flights, VISA is essential. The immigration procedures are the same as that of commercial flights. Our expert team can help you with the visa requirements for your flight. Also, you will have to check the required visa procedures with the authorities of your country.

3. Is document verification necessary at the airport?

When you charter a private jet with us, our management team at Charter Jet Airlines will ask you for a copy of your passport or ID and a visa when required. These documents will be used by both Charter Jet Airlines and the operator of the aircraft for creating a manifest for the passenger. The information on the manifest will be used to pre-clear passengers prior to the flight, which will make the entire process faster and hassle-free for the passengers. All the passengers need to carry their passport or any other valid ID with them that will be verified at the airport.

4. Is scanning of luggage necessary before boarding the flight?

Just like the commercial flights, in case of private jet rentals, luggage scanning is carried out before you board the flight. However, the best part here is that there are no queues or waiting. Also, there is no per person luggage size limits. Our team at Charter Jet Airlines will guide you with the maximum overall luggage weight and size required for each aircraft.

5. Is there a ticket for a private jet flight?

No, when you charter a private jet, no tickets are needed. When you book your private jet with us, we will provide you a detailed itinerary of your route, booking reference as well as other essential information regarding your flight. The contact details of the crew and the tail number of your aircraft are included in the information.

6. Is there a requirement of passport or any other document for pets?

When you rent private jets, your pets can travel along with you with the necessary documentation that includes a pet passport and immunization record. Also, they need to be microchipped. But you need to check with any additional conditions set for pet travel by different countries. We can help you with that as well!

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